Sunday, January 30, 2011

38 is the new hot age

I have been know to be somewhat of a cougar, always turning my head when a younger guy passes by. Heck, my husband is even younger than me but I am finding these days that many of the men I crushed on back in the day are aging quite well. You may not agree with me but you have to check it out for yourself. These actors/singers are looking quite handsome age at the ripe old (ha!) age of 38 (most of them will be turning 39 this year).

I have been wanting to write up this post for some time now but after having dinner with my two friends, Kathy and Maureen and discussing how Kat's husband is turning 40 this year, I went on my rant how 38 is a hot age at the moment. I promised Maureen I would disclose who is on my hot list.

Ben Affleck
love at first sight - A.J. Frost in Armageddon

Joey McIntyre
love at first sight - New Kids on the Block, Please Don't Go Girl

 Brian Austin Green
love at first sight - definitely not as David Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210, maybe when he hooked up with Megan Fox

 love at first sight - he's just a hot rapper

 Eric Dane
love at first sight - Dr. Mark Sloan aka McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy

Paul Walker
love at first sight - Dean Sampson in She's All That (there's also too many other movies to mention)

Josh Duhamel
love at first sight - Tad Hamilton in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!


Anonymous said...

brian austin green, ben affleck and josh duhamel fo' sho'! you know we're all gonna be staring in vegas! :)

cranberryportage said...

My two favorites: Eric and Josh. So you see we have a little in common with picking out stud muffin.

Lin said...

OMG...I just had a months worth of eye candy right here. Im drooling over all of these hotties (minus Joey McIntyre, sorry).

Nikolett said...

Whaaa, I find it so hard to believe that Paul Walker is 38. Ahh, "She's All that" is such a classic. I love your choice of 'older' men, there are hotties with bodies haha. And I can't wait to try out the peach cake below, it looks delicious :)

Steph S C-O said...

Ben Affleck...oh yes!!!!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

HOTTTT! I don't even think of 38 as old anymore, ha.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow we have the SAME taste! I didn't realize Paul Walker was that old. Ben is def my fav as well :)

Marz said...

Thank you for starting my Monday off right with an NKOTB song AND some HOT eye candy!!!! :) Delicious!!! Love everyone on your list :)

Elisse said...

Mmmm Josh Duhamel. I met him in person a couple years ago, and I'll never forget how oogly eyed I got. I don't think he will either - LOL!

kat said...

the only person i think is ok is josh. i don't think joey is aging well at all; maybe he was having a bad picture day.

my fav hotties:
-johnny depp (yum at any age)
-clive owen (international yum)
-ryan reynolds (domestic and funny yum)
-alex o'loughlin (current yum)

Maureen said...

you and i definitely have the same taste in men! our cougar-ness and also all these men on your hot 38 list! yum yum yummy!