Wednesday, January 12, 2011

baby shower help needed


I am helping plan my BBF's shower in March. I have planned showers before but I want some fresh new ideas. I would love some feedback from you. Please answer any of my questions in a comment. Thanks in advance for your help!

1) What is the best game prize you've won at a baby shower?

2) What would you want to receive as a prize?

3) What cool games have you played at a baby shower?

4) Do you have any cool ideas to incorporate into a baby shower?

I have already got an idea for a banner and my BFF has specifically asked me to make my SKOR bars for the giveaways.


Steph said...

I'm not a games person but I enjoy getting prizes that are useful. Like a nice hand cream or stationery set or candles or something home related.
As for a favorite game, the guess how big her belly is with a string is easy and depending on how many people you have, you may be able to do a baby bingo.

Lin said...

Oh how fun! I'm sure whatever you do will turn out great :)

1. Best prize I ever won was a gift card to Starbucks. It was only $5 but I loved it! I've also recieved nail polish & lotion (not my fave cause it was scented).
2. I agree with Steph, stationary would be fun or a pretty candle.
3. I love baby bingo, it's my fave. Also played this game where you have clothes pins hung from a line or hanger & you have to name a baby item for every pin you pick up. The catch is you can only grab the pins with one hand & cant arrange them in that hand. Eventually one falls & your turn is over, the person w/the most pins wins the game.
4. No cool ideas, Im very unoriginal, haha...sorry.

cranberryportage said...

1) a bottle of red wine
2) a basket of stuff
3) let me see if i can invent one by March
4) have a little exchange of ideas
(divide the girls into 3 groups
the single girls, married w/o kids, and the Mommies.) Give a time limit

Elisse said...

Have fun planning the baby shower!

2) Lotion/soaps from bath and body works

4) I made peas in a pod giveaways using hand towels and soaps. It was one of my first blog posts, but I'll find the link for you ...