Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Memories: Creep by TLC and Ottawa

From December 1995 to May 1996, I lived with Ottawa with my mom. This was a move that I was not too happy with but I wasn't prepared to live on my own at the tender age of 17. I also wasn't prepared to leave the boyfriend I had just started dating at the end of the school year. I moved, and boy was I ever lonely. Luckily, I had a courtesy cousin who lived in Ottawa and finally decided to give him a call. Through him, I met his friends and also some people who were going to Carleton University who were from Toronto! Imagine my excitement to find people living in the boring city of Ottawa who were from my hometown. I soon made friends with a girl who lent me her ID so I can party with everyone over in Hull, Quebec who were already 18  (the drinking age in Quebec is 18). I went out almost every night and the nights that we weren't at a bar or clubbing, I was hanging out at a Thai Fusion restaurant that our friends owned (the name escapes me and it's long since closed down). We would come after closing to just drink and eat.

Although I hated living in Ottawa (I really hated everything about it), I did meet some great friends who would make my stay memorable. They made me forget about my boyfriend I left back in Mississauga and showed me that I could still have fun in their sleepy town. Although I don't talk to anyone anymore, when I moved back to Mississauga, I did run into a few of them from time to time.

This song, Creep by TLC reminds me of Ottawa because it was played a lot at the bars we went to.


Michelleesque said...

Oh I love your story! :)
I've never been clubbing before. My friends and relatives told me they want to kidnap me when I turn 21 and force me to go. I'm thinking of locking myself in my room when that day comes hahaha!

I just noticed your note on your blog about your counter. I don't think your counter shows up your page. I refreshed thinking there was something wrong with my browser, but it really doesn't show up :x

Marz said...

I loved hearing this tid bit about you! When I moved to Texas from Germany I was SO unhappy! I thought the first chance I could I would escape this small country (as in country & western & cowboys) town and never look back. I was SO unhappy! As fate would have it, I would fall in love with a boy born and raised in said town. Who would have known? I guess any place is what you make it and I'm glad you had some special friends to make Ottawa bearable for you! Sounds like you had some great times :) So happy you can look back on them fondly! I love, love, love "Creep"! I love that whole TLC "Crazy Sexy Cool" album and still listen to it from time to time :)

lisa said...

Nice to see this other side you! Looking forward to more Monday Memories installments.