Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Memories: Gino and his record player

With all little kids, there's a toy that will always be held near and dear to their heart and it's because at some point in their life, they could never part with it. As I was reading through random blogs, I came across this photo:


My brother had this exact record player when he was little and loved to play with it. Although seeing this photo brought some tears to my eyes, I also let out a giggle. What makes me laugh is that who knew that 20 something-odd years later, the little boy who loved this plastic record player would grow up to a young man with dreams of opening up his own record store. After Gino passed, I was lucky enough to "inherit", and what I mean by inherit is that I just claimed it, his real, cool white record player. A couple months after he died, Mike and I would play some of the records we got from his record store and some old ones from my childhood (i.e. Raffi and The Mini-Pops).

When I came across this photo, I immediately sent the blog link to my mom and it inspired her to write a post on her own blog and a poem for my blog.


kat said...

OMG I had that same record player when I was a kid! I used to play it over and over again and one day it just disappeared. I think she hid it and pretended not to know where it was, letting me think that I was the one who lost it!

Anonymous said...

sometimes it's hard to see things that remind us of loved ones who are no longer around, but the irony is that sometimes it also makes us feel good because we know that their memory lives on. happy monday, leesh!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What a sweet post and poem. I literally got goosebumps reading this. You and your mom sound like strong, loving women :)

Nikolett said...

It's amazing how certain objects just resonate with you and remind you of people you love. Such a sweet poem and post, Leesh :)

Marz said...

I always take things as signs. I think it's a sign from Gino that you should be reading through random blogs and see this photo that reminds you of your brother. I love your mom's poems. She has a special way with words and I'm so glad she lets you share them with us xoxo