Monday, January 10, 2011

no 10,000th hit

Okay, I don't know where to start. When I did a revamp of my blog some time last year, I went to this website  to find a counter to keep track of my number of hits. I knew that I wouldn't be starting at 0 so I guessed at a random number that would be pretty close.The web counter has been great but lately with me wanting to find out who my 10,000th hit would be, I have had people tell me that my counter goes all wonky and can't be seen at times. So I thought it was time to change it.

Well, who knew that Blogger had its own counter. Tonight, I just added it on because believe it or not, I saw that my mom had one and asked her where she got it from. Looks like Blogger has been keeping track of my hits and I am actually at 13,163. Boy, was I ever off. So, since I screwed up, I will send a little treat to the five people who contacted me to let me know that they were pretty close to 10,000.

Those four people are Jeff at 9996, Marilen at 9997, Luckie at 9999, Pinkie at 10,002, Annette at 10,004 and Steph SCO at 10,005. It's kinda sad that all these people are family members. LOL!


Pinkie said...

I was told family not included and yet I saw the person who told me this on there with her husgand. That is not fair!!!!

Marz said...

Where is the Blogger counter at? I feel like there is so much to do with Blogger than I am so unaware of! I need to revamp my little blog someday (but then I'm scared I might screw it up somehow in my attempt! I'm not too HTML savvy haha) Congrats to your four winners! I am sure they are all happy to have been the closest to the 10,000 hit even if they are family :) I know personally that treats from you are the most thoughtful and the sweetest :) Congrats on all your hits! That's awesome - Although not surprising, because I LOVE your blog!

Nikolett said...

Ahhh I had kept my eyes peeled to that counter every time I visited! LOL. So sad I missed it, though I didn't know about the Blogger thing either, ooooo~ the more you know *INSERT NBC RAINBOW HERE* Congrats to your family members :P

Elisse said...

Whether it's 10 000 or 13 000 - it's awesome that you've had so many hits on your blog! Congrats!