Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Access 24/7

Although too bright for the winter, I like this colour, Access 24/7. It's a hot pink that will go perfectly with the new lipstick I bought. I think I may already have this shade (but from Essie) in my nail polish collection. Again, I had to slap on three coats. This seems to be the trend with Sephora by OPI. With the regular OPI polishes, two coats is good enough.

 I finally took a picture which a real camera.

Nail tip #3
To make your polish last longer, make sure to apply a top coat. Two days later, apply another layer of top coat to ensure chipping won't start.


this is me. said...

i love that you can't stand chipped nail polish! i do, too! but somehow i didn't care when i was in costa rica, but now that i'm back, old habits are back! :)

JMJE said...

good tip. I suck at wearing nail polish. I pretty much chip it immediately.