Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Techno Girl

So, here we are at week 2 of my nail polish challenge. I wish that I was starting backwards, from the bottom up because since it's the winter season, I rather be wearing the darker colours. My boss noticed that I was doing my nails a different colour so I told her about my challenge but didn't tell her that I was blogging about it. I rather not have my coworkers know about my blogging hobby. My boss did tell me that she loves this colour on me rather than the dark colours I usually wear.

This week I am wearing Techno Girl, a bright Barbie pink shade. I think that this is too bright to be wearing for winter but I do think it would be a great shade to wear in the summer on toes with a tan.

Nail tip #2
To ensure your nail polish stays on, after you have given yourself a manicure or after you have removed your polish, give your hands a good rinse with warm, soapy water. Then swipe again some nail polish remover or acetone to remove all oils or water from your nail beds. This will make sure your base coat adheres to your nails.


Anonymous said...

lovin' this challenge!

lisa said...

Hmm this one's too bubble gum pink for my taste.

Lin said...

I know exactly how feel about not wanting coworkers to know about this space, I'm going through the samething.

This is a cute color but you're right, it would be best worn in the summer.

Steph I said...

This colour looked oddly familiar to me and I realized that I had picked this exact one up before my trip to India. I actually liked the colour on my nails, and I had bought it because I had anticipated the saris I would be wearing were going to be pink. It was the perfect complement to the cooler, darker pink wedding outfits I was wearing! However, this definitely won't be making a reappearance until later this year in the summer.

Kasey Lynne said...

this nail color looks GREAT with your skin!

work it girl! ;)

Elisse said...

I think you can pull this color off in the winter ... if you wear a basic black or grey top (or that dress you wore to the Beauty Board thing) then your nail color will pop out like an accessory! I say it's doable now :D