Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would Gino... (part 3)

See here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.

Would Gino...

...have an iPad?
...consider doing a big bash or weekend trip for his 30th birthday?
...still have his record store three years later?
...have liked the show Friday Night Lights as much a I do?
...have continued to watch as many concerts as he use to?
...have visited our mom in California already?
...still be living with my dad or on his own by now?

I have been missing my brother a lot these days. I find myself thinking about him and on the verge of crying while on my commute to work. I have to shake my head and snap out of it.


The Girlie Blog said...

I think he would love to spend time with his sister :O) I think you are dealing with your loss amazingly! I'd be a wreck. Keep blogging! I think it helps you heal!

cranberryportage said...

Well, you are not alone, you have to wait for my blog tomorrow.
-he would definitely have an iPad and he would have probably bought it while visiting me.
-i found a CD of Kings of Leon in his collections, so he does like them
-i can imagine him joining me on a cruise by VH1 this April as TRAIN is the headliner with lots of other bands that he would like.
-he probably would be living with one of they guys, either MP or RC.
-for sure, he will get the BOYZ to head out to Vegas and we will all go as well.

No Guts, No Glory said...

I miss Gino, too. I think you should plan something for his birthday! Something that he would have done... even if it's something that you wouldn't do. Do it in his honor!

Maureen said...

Miss u Gino!

I'd probably be going to a couple of concerts with him!

Marz said...

This post tugged at my heart. I know you miss him incredibly Leesh and I wish I could give you a big hug right now! xoxo