Tuesday, February 8, 2011

giveaway at Dolce Vita

Everyone has favorite things and it's cool when bloggers share the love for their own favorite things. Check out Dolce Vita's giveaway. Here's some of her favorite items included in the lovely giveaway:

UO blank polaroid card to send happy mail, Mod coffee cup (something i collect), Milano cookies which are perfect for coffee or a monday morning, F21 bow earrings, "for you" mixed tape of my favorites, Rose magnet to hang up love notes, Falsies Volume Express mascara because flirting with your eyes is seriously underplayed these days, and The Time Traveler's Wife, my all time favorite book.


Micaela said...

awww THANK YOU my darling!! xoxo

Margarita said...

I've never read the Time Travellers Wife!! Thanks for sharing the giveaway!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I totally entered this giveaway earlier today hehe :)

P.S. You should totally promote your I ♥ the beach feature, I'm sure lots of bloggers would love to participate!

Nikolett said...

Sounds like an amazing giveaway! I'd feel guilty for joining in since you collect Mod coffee cups and that The Time Traveler's Wife is your fave haha, but I'm definitely considering it! Thanks for sharing it :)