Thursday, February 17, 2011

GO Train pet peeves


I commute every day and I take Mississauga Transit to the GO train station and then the GO train to Union Station in downtown Toronto. I then take the TTC subway (Toronto Transit Authority) to my work. That's three different modes of transportation but it only takes me an hour and five minutes door to door.

On my commute, I tend to tweet about things that irk me about passengers and my fellow blogger and IRL friend, Sting usually agrees with me and also tweets her own pet peeves.  So, here is a collaboration of some of our pet peeves:
  • When people text on their cell/smartphone and don't turn off the keyboard clicking sound
  • People who believe the armrest belongs to them.
  • People who eat hot dogs on the train. Maybe it's just me since I don't like hot dogs. They smell disgusting.
  • People who stretch their legs all the way out in between your legs.
  • When people's arms keep bumping into you while they read the paper.
  • People who talk really loud on their phone while you and other people are trying to sleep.


Do you commute by public transit to get to work? Do you have any pet peeves about commuters?

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Lin said...

My commute is done with my mom but she tends to do stuff that gets on my nerves too. I dont think it's nearly as bad as yours though.

I hate it when people are arm rest hogs or talk SUPER loud on the phone like they're the only one's there. I've only one person stretch their legs out between mine & thats the hubs. Who the eff would do that? Don't they know that there's a personal space rule even in commuting? So rude.

Claire Kiefer said...

So funny! I drive to work so I don't have to deal with the annoyance of fellow commuters, but most of those things sound pretty bad, most notably the hot dog eaters. GROSS. I might vomit on their hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

yes, public trans is big here in portland. my train ride though is 5-10 mins, tops. i live 4 blocks from the transit center which is cool.

pet peeves:

1. loud talkers
2. those who chew their gum like it's going out of style. like hello? i'm not supposed to hear you chew your gum.
3. those who try to have a conversation with you when you have your iPod on or reading a book. come on people, where are your social filters?!
4. those who stand near the door when there's effin tons of room, makes it hard and crowded for those of us trying to get in and out
5. those who stink ... i'm sorry, but i'd rather be late for work than not shower. ugh.

Steph said...

haha! you called me "Sting" in your post!

• those who get all huffy when you want to take the seat that is occupied by their bag....or their feet.
• on the feet thing – it's bad enough when people put their feet on the seats with their shoes on, but when they go beyond that and take their shoes and/or socks off exposing you to their stench and the sight of their flaky feet and thick toenails. People, it's not your living room.
• those who smell really bad. Maybe it's because I'm really sensitive to smell, but it nauseates me when someone comes on the train and smells like food. Or, worse is if someone has bad hygiene. One morning, a guy sat down next to me and talked for the whole ride with his friend across from him. His breath smelled like he ate a baby's dirty diaper for breakfast.
• those who think it's appropriate to eat a meal on the train. I once sat beside a girl who ate takeout fried Chinese noodles. Greasy and smelly. Oh, and let's not forget the guy sitting across from me last week who poured himself a glass of orange juice from the carton.

There's so many more that aren't coming to mind right now. Look at that – my comment is almost as long as a blog post!

kat said...

bwahahhahaha! these comments are hilarious; esp about the guy who ate a baby's dirty diaper for brekkie!

the worst are:
-ppl who make out on the train - a teenage girl straddled her bf and they made out the entire ride. if they were hot, it would've been a good show but they were fugly. no thankyou

-ppl who keep their shit all over the place, including the seat and the walkway. i've kicked/stepped on bags and have moved other people's bags myself when they ignored my "excuse me, may I please sit here".

-people who rest their feet on the seat across from them.

-loud talkers. it's ain't Train48 so be sensitive to people who are trying to decompress from work or trying to catch some zzzzz's before work so shut your trap.

Steph said...

one more: People who snort or clear their throats or can't help but make constant disgusting noises with their bodies for the duration of the ride.