Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January confessions

I hate wearing dress pants. I'll wear skirts, dresses or leggings to work. I use to only wear pants because I thought tights and skirts were uncomfortable. But I think the real reason I don't wear dress pants anymore is because since my mom moved away, I have no one to hem them up.

I'm really beginning to like mustard. Not the gross yellow French's mustard but the hot mustard kind. I am really digging the hot mustard or honey mustard sauce at McDonald's.

Love My Smile is my new best friend. I'm addicting to pearly white teeth.

I heart Michael Copon. I loved him on One Tree Hill and after seeing him on Kourtney and Kim Take on New York, I have now started to follow him on Twitter. And guess where he was just at, my favorite place in the world, Punta Cana.

I'm not a big fan of chicken wings. The Westside Crew went for all-you-can-eat wings. I certainly cannot eat a lot but I'll eat one or two. We went to Kelsey's and got some delicious flavours - Indian Butter Chicken, Golden Buffalo, Guinness BBQ, there's too many too mention.

Yes, I'm hating on Avril Lavigne because she's with Brody Jenner. I just don't get why Brody would want to be with a sk8r girl when he's dated Playboy models.
I really like Matchbook's online magazine but I wish I could read it in print. There's just something so relaxing about holding and reading an actual magazine.


Lin said...

Dress pants aren't my thing either & I think it's for the exact same reason. No matter what type of dress pant(s) I buy, they're always too damn long & the dry cleaner never ever gets the hem right.

It's funny that you mention your growing fondness for mustard because I've been going through the same thing, except mine's with the ghetto style French's mustard lol. Last time I went to Subway I asked them to give me extra mustard lol, something I NEVER used to do.

Totally totally agree with you on the Brody Jenner thing, he could & has done way better than her. She's so late 90's/early 2000's haha.

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVE mustard...never had those two flavors that you mentioned...i'm not a McD's fan.

Michael Copon is SOOOO deliciously gorgeous. And I felt so bad when Kim straight up pushed him away when he went in for the kiss. She is an IDIOT.

Brody=DOUCHE..JUSt because of the women he has chosen to date.

lisa said...

I'm starting to come around to dress pants, mainly because I like tucking shirts into high-waisted ones. As for mustard, have you tried Dijon mustard with homemade roast chicken? So good.

No Guts, No Glory said...

I don't like wearing pants either (but I am wearing some today). I am very much a dress/skirt kinda gal!

Maureen said...

Brody & Avril are still together??! WTF! at least she's Canadian. maybe his type is "Canadian" and not playboy models?! so Leeshi, you have a chance! YES!

aha, so you are starting to like c-wings!

i'm a fan of those listerine whitening strips. they were only $17.99 a couple of weeks ago at Shoppers. but love your smile sounds interesting! maybe i'll try them next.

Steph said...

Since I started my new job, my dress pants have remained hanging in my closet unworn. I hate wearing dress pants too and thank my lucky stars that I'm in a more casual environment in which I can wear all the jeggings, leggings and all the dresses/skirts that I want to.

Heels too – I wear heels at most twice a week now and my feet are loving me.

Leesh said...

If anyone is interested, I found the Love My Smile tooth whitening pen at The Bay (Eaton Centre). It retails for $34. As much as I really want it, I don't feel like spending that much when my teeth are already pretty white - so I have been told. People always mention how white my teeth are.

Elisse said...

I have been dipping my french fries in honey mustard sauce for years now. And I put dijon mustard in my egg salad. Worth giving it a try?

Marz said...

My mom hems my pants too :)

I love, love mustard! I eat it with everything because I HATE ketchup and mayo both! You should see the funny looks I get when I dip my french fries in mustard haha I love any kind of mustard - yellow French's, hot mustard and honey mustard. YUM! :)

I can't stand Advril!