Friday, February 18, 2011

a quick update

I've been so out of the loop. I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I worked 14 hours last Saturday and was back to work on Monday. I am totally looking forward to this long weekend. So far, we have no plans but who knows, maybe that will change. With the All Star game tomorrow night, Mike and I are planning to do a little beerfest and make mussels and bread using beer, pretty cool huh?

So here's what's going on with me:

I'm seriously in love with Britney's new video. She's back bitches. I just hope that this comeback is worth it and that she pulls through, none of that crap like she pulled at the MTV awards two years ago. I can't stop listening to her song and watching the video.

After the crapola last season of Survivor, this season has already started to redeem itself with Redemption Island. There are actually contestants with character this season and there's also Boston Rob and Russell. The first episode had drama and that's what draws me in. I don't know who chose the contestants last season, I just hope that person got fired.  This season looks like a good one so, I'm planning to include it in my Wednesday line up. Last season was the only season of Survivor I didn't watch out of the 22.

My BFF's baby shower is in two weeks and this weekend is the first that I am able to actually get my head into it. I have the stuff for the game I am putting together, I had the prizes for the game and I also have the materials to make a banner and the giveaways. I just have to make sure I don't get lazy.

Remember some time ago when I won a free trip (it was pretty much a year ago), well, after much debate with the hubby (yes, I know, what's there to debate, it's a free trip), I booked it yesterday and we are leaving mid-April for a week  stay at Melia Cayo Santa Maria (we got upgraded to oceanview!). It's not a resort on our list and it's not one that we would want to stay at but hey, it's free and with all the stress at work, I totally need this.

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After a very tough week for me mentally and emotionally, I received an email to let me know that I won one of the several giveaways I entered through the blogging community. I won a very cute set of note cards from Yes, Teacher through Ashley's blog, A Hasty Life. This totally made my day.


I missed a lot of my shows this week so I will be catching up on Glee, One Tree Hill, Cougar Town, Grey's and Vampire Diaries.

Lastly, I have to thank my awesome hubby for surprising me with a six pack of Fruli beer after he found out how sad and upset I was on Tuesday. Isn't he awesome?!?! If you haven't tried Fruli beer, it's a delicious strawberry beer. I highly suggest you go out and try it.

    Here's wishing everyone a happy weekend and if you have a long weekend too, I hope you find something special to do on Monday, even if it means staying in your pajamas all day watching cheesy daytime television.

    P.S. My DVD giveaway closes tonight at midnight. Don't forget to enter!


    Kasey Lynne said...

    Oh my gosh....i DIED watching the first episode of this season's Survivor. Phillip is CRAZYYYYYY!!! This season is going to be good!

    Ummm do you have room for a tall woman to fit in a suitcase so i can go on a vacay too?!?! So jealous of you right now.

    Lin said... much as I greatly dislike Britney I can never NOT like her music. I'm constantly having to fight with myself about this lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Elisse said...

    Sorry to hear that you had a crummy Tuesday last week - but good think Mike was able to cheer you up :D

    Yay for your April vacation!!! Definitely something to look forward to !