Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Cab Fare

Wow, I'm on the second row now. I have to admit it's fun painting my nails every week but I wish there was more of a variety. For almost three weeks straight I was wearing purple and now I get to start off my long weekend with the funkiest colour of the bunch - YELLOW - or more specifically, Cab Fare.

When I was painting my nails late Thursday night, I was a little nervous about the colour. The yellow has some shimmer to it and I would have much rather had it a flat colour. It's a good  thing that I only had to wear it on my nails on Friday for work. It's a long weekend so Monday night, the colour is definitely coming off.  I have to admit that my nails were throwing me off when I was eating McNuggets on my commute home. I was dipping the nuggets in hot mustard sauce and thought it was getting all over my nails but oops, it's my polish!  I won't be wearing Cab Fare again but it was fun to try.

Nail #7
Seeing that we are talking about this yellow polish, it seems only fitting to mention that if you feel like your nails are looking stained, rub some lemon slices on them to remove some of the discoloration.


Lin said...

It's a little too bright for my taste but I can dig it. Reminds me of summer :)

Elisse said...

Interesting tip about the lemon slices! This color would be fun to wear for your vacation in April :)