Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's a holiday

It's Family Day today and since Mike and I don't have our own kids to spend the day with, it's going to be a day full of blogging and movie watching. Mike's still sleeping so I thought I would quickly recap my weekend. Remember my Friday post? I said I had no plans well, as predicted, we ended up doing things. First of all, I should announce the winner of my what's your number giveaway. All four DVDs will be shipped out tomorrow to the lovely Ai of Our Bump Adventures.

Thanks to my awesome cousin in San Fran who wrote our the winner's name on her chalkboard! Now what did I do for the rest of my weekend?

*Watched Never Let Me Go. Kind of a sad movie but certainly didn't make me cry. It increased my interest in Andrew Garfield and now can't wait for Spider-man.

*Got my bangs trimmed, now I can see. Glad that my hairstylist noticed for himself that he thinned out my bangs the last time he cut my hair. Luckily since I asked for him to cut them short, they look thick and blunt again. BTW, that's me drinking Fruli out of a wine glass.

*Had some friends over to watch the NBA All-Star skills competition and ate some delicious food. Thanks Reg for the awesome photo, too bad you ate most of the spinach dip before snapping the photo.

*My BFF surprised me with a visit. We got to catch up for a bit and she's looking pretty darn cute with her little pregnant belly.

*Met one of my very good friend's new boyfriend and ate some sushi. I'm very, very happy for her and this one's definitely a keeper. I am very, very happy for her. Hopefully, there will be more double dates in the future because this guy's fun.

What did you do this weekend and if you have a holiday today, what are your plans?

P.S. - I just found out that I won the Consonant Healthy Detox for Body Kit from Solo Lisa's blog. This is the second giveaway I won this week. I honestly think it's because I have been picking up random pennies. I normally don't believe in the "see a penny, pick it up, all day long, you'll have good luck" but after picking one up as I was walking down a staircase while working last Saturday and then picking up another penny while setting up the classroom for a program I'm running tomorrow, I might just have to pick up pennies on the regular.  Next time you see a penny, pick it up and then let me know if you've had good luck.


Nikolett said...

Congrats to the winner! And you look ADORABLE and pretty in that wine photo, love the bangs. Mine are all over the place, as usual. My family day is being spent sick (unfortunately) and watching the snow fall outside. And watching the usual "Castle" tonight with my mama :)

And I'm so adopting picking up random pennies, congrats on winning two giveaways!

lisa said...

Oohh I was intrigued by Never Let Me Go when it first came out. It's going on the "must rent" list. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

cute bangs girl!! and yay for blogging on a holiday!! :)

this is me. said...

glad to hear you had a great weekend! love the new bangs (well, newly trimmed) and as always, you rock it so well and effortlessly. and food. love food photos as you know, i am a foodie!

Moniek said...

Congrats to the winner! Love to see all those pics!

Elisse said...

Your bangs look great! I bet that Fruli was tasty!!!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

the photo of you w/ your bangs & wine glass is totally killing me with cuteness right now.

oh...and i totally watched the NBA skills comp and was way more into it than the hubs. crazy!

The Hip & Urban Girl's Guide said...

I could NOT stop thinking about Never Let Me Go when I saw it on DVD. It was such a simple movie and apparently the book is even better. I was sad for the characters and it proves that in life, there are no do-overs, you can't apply for a 'deferral' and consequences have actions. I thought it was depressing and beautiful.