Thursday, February 10, 2011

what's your number giveaway

I thought it might be time for another giveaway. This giveaway's theme is about numbers. I realized that there are lots of movies with a number in their title. I picked out my favorite four. I know these days, most people don't want DVDs in their house because it creates clutter but you can always watch these movies and then pass it along to someone else.

{giveaway includes 17 Again - it's a pretty good movie, trust me, 50 First Dates - why don't I remember this movie but it's the first one I saw with a number in the title, 13 Going on 30 - who doesn't love this movie and 10 Things I Hate About You - classic teen movie}

This giveaway will be open until Friday, February 18 at midnight EST and is open to Canada and US readers (sorry international readers, it's because I can't guaranteed the DVD format will work for you). I will announce the winner next Saturday. Entering this giveaway will be simple (I hate having to leave 10 different comments to follow on twitter, tweet this giveaway, etc...), all you have to do is follow my blog through GFC or privately and then leave a comment and tell me what your favorite number is. It's just that easy. Check back to see if you won but I will also try and notify you by email.

Good luck and by the way, my favorite number is 5.


JMJE said...

I follow your blog. My favorite number is 3 and I love 50 First Dates.

Lin said...

Of course I already follow your blog & I dont have a favorite number but #27 is poping out at me for some reason.

Also, 50 first dates is the very first movie the hubs & I saw together...I love it!

Micaela said...

i love this giveaway! who doesn't love these movies?! perfect ones! :)

me and marianne watched "17 again" with my niece marina who was 6 at the time and fought over zack effron lol

OF COURSE i'm a follower and my fave number is 13

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What a great giveaway! So unique :)

10 Things I Hate About You is One of My Fav Movies!

I am a GFC follower and my fav number is 4...and you're giving away four movies. Maybe that's good luck!

Elisse said...

Great selection of movies, and a unique idea for a giveaway! One of my fav chick flicks is 13 going on 30. Jennifer Garner is so cute in that movie.

My fav number is 10 :)

Marz said...

Amazing giveaway Leesh!!! :) I LOVE movies!! I was just thinking the other day how I wanted to watch "50 First Dates" again :) And I LOVE "13 Going on 30" - I think Mark Ruffalo is so sexy!

I am a follower of your beautiful blog and my favourite number is 7 (how original I know! But honestly one of my favourite childhood memories was from my 7th birthday! My mom made Micaela and I an amazing smurf decorated cake :)

Ai said...

I am already a follower and my fave number is five. Thanks for having another great giveaway. I love the movie "13 going on 30". It's so fun!

Ai said...
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