Monday, March 14, 2011

The ABC's of Leesh


I found this ABC post on Nora's blog and also Kasey Lynne's blog. I thought it would be a fun post to do since it's quick and easy and the fact that I have been too busy with work to put in any thought to a blog post. If you have joined in the fun, leave a comment and I will be sure to check out your blog post about your ABC's.

Age: 34

Bed size: Queen

Chore you dislike: Washing dishes

Dogs: no

Essential start to your day: Reading blogs on my iPhone through Google Reader

Favorite color: Black or purple

Gold or silver: Gold

Height: 5'2

Instruments you play(ed): Clarinet, Organ and Piano

Job title: Senior Program Coordinator

Kids: none

Live: Mississauga, ON

Mom’s name: Luckie

Nicknames: Leesh, Leeshee, Bud

Overnight hospital stays: Never

Pet peeve: Long fingernails on guys

Quote from a movie: Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint, I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight - Emily, The Devil Wears Prada

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Siblings: One but he passed away in 2008

Time you wake up: 6:15 am

Underwear: Of course - no fancy stuff though. I am getting old so I have new found love for plain cotton undies.

Vegetables you don’t like: celery, carrots and peas

What makes you run late: Changing an outfit

X-Rays you’ve had: chest and kidneys

Yummy food you make: skor bars

Zoo animal favorite: Penguins


this is me. said...

very fun! i love your new found love for plain cotton undies! not sure i'm there yet though! LOL

Mrs. Parker said...

The Devil Wears Prada is definitely one of my favorite movies -- good choice :)

Marz said...

I'm totally there with you on the plain cotton panties :) And I want to try one of your delicious skor bars one day :) I always love reading these posts and finding out new tidbits about you. The newest thing I have learned is how many instruments you play! I had no idea. I have always wished I could play the piano!

Elisse said...

I agree - blog reading in the morning is an essential morning practice! And yay to black and purple too!

Sandy a la Mode said...

hi leeshee!!! ok this is really fun and cute!! i think i must partake in it sometime if i remember to... haha!!

cranberryportage said...

it seems like a fun thing to do so I did join, check out my blog.

In The Loop said...

Ugh dishes & long nails on dudes...gross! I loved Emily Blunt in The Devil Wears Prada, she's great.

Also, I literally LOL'd when I read the undies part! I thought maybe I was the only that favored old school cotton (aka: granny panties). Love it.

Joanne said...

You are so right about plain cotton undies.
I'm w/ u on ur pet peeve. It irks me when I see long fingernails on guys especially when it's their PINKY!! gives me the heebie jeebies...

Kasey Lynne said...

Can you ship a box of skor bars to me ASAP?!?! YUM!

Long fingernails on men GROSS ME OUT. So disgusting.

Nora said...

definitely a huge eewwww to long fingernails on guys. A dude came to my office with long nails today and wow, just grossed out by it. Not ok.