Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Confessions

Drake's singing voice in Fireworks with Alicia keys is kinda sexy.

Steven R. McQueen is getting pretty sexy on Vampire Diaries. It's making me tune in every week. Too bad the show's on hiatus until April 7.

A friend told me that I should think more positive, so I'm trying and hopefully good things will happen for me.

I met Maureen's new boyfriend and he's really cool. I'm hoping this one lasts.

I've been too busy to blog but I'm trying. Also haven't tried hard enough to keep in touch with friends. I guess I'm stuck in that winter rut and am being anti-social.

I haven't been managing my money properly. Maybe I need an iPhone app to help me but I think I may have a solution.

I miss wearing lipstick. I have a very bad dry patch above my lip. It's forever chapped and red throughout the winter so I wear nothing but lip balm and Vaseline on my lips.

I read The Hunger Games over the weekend and I'm obsessed. I haven't been this into a book since Twilight and Chelsea Handler's books.


Nikolett said...

Ahh I'm so sad about the Vampire Diaries hiatus, though I'm glad I have season one to tide me over 'til then! And I hope you figure everything out money-wise and get more chances to keep in touch with friends (I get the same way during winter though, so you're not alone).

And ahh, you're the fifth blogger I've seen blog about the Hunger Games, I definitely need to get into it now (I borrowed it from the library during exam time = no time to read it lol). Hope you have a great March!

Claire Kiefer said...

Hunger Games is SO GOOD!

Kasey Lynne said...


Anonymous said...

the cream didn't work?

i love the hunger games too... couldn't stop reading it last night and now i'm tired :(

if you need help managing your money, let me know - i can manage money like it's nobody's business! it's how i was able to go on unassissted mat leave for 16months without feeling the pinch. i can give you some great tips if you like.

thinking positive helps but i also think that living life simply and honestly will also bring you good things.

let's have dinner whenever you have time!

Elisse said...

Dry lips is something I battle during the winter time too! Can't wait for this weather to warm up, so our spirits will also get a healthy uplifting too!

The Girlie Blog said...

I know what you mean about Steven R. McQueen! I think he's been working out. I will be missing the Vampire Diaries :O(

Maureen said...

I really like that song fireworks by Alicia keys feat drake. Aw you think my bf is really cool?! Aw how sweet. It's all good if you havent blogged and it's all good if you havent kept in touch with friends lately... Yea apparently positive thinking does work, but it's also ok to be down and negative too. Sometimes you have to ride the negative energy out in order to feel truly happy instead of forcing it.