Monday, March 21, 2011

Sephora by OPI: Special Request

It's been a while since I painted my nails and I was quite excited to give myself a manicure. This week's shade is Special Request and I must say, it's a beautiful colour. Almost orange but more on the coral side. This will be my summer go-to colour for my toes.

Nail tip #9
Don't shake your bottle of polish before applying-you'll create air bubbles. Instead, gently roll between your palms.


Joanne said...

That's a pretty colour!
I had no idea shaking the bottle would create bubbles. I ALWAYS shake it before I putting nail polish on. Thanks for sharing that tip!!

this is me. said...

haha i always shake it, too. okay, since the name of this polish is special request, can i make one? can you blog about red lipstick or brighter lipstick color or tutorial for people like mo and i who are deathly afraid of them? :) only if you have time, otherwise, vegas it is baby!

Nikolett said...

Whoopsies, I'm also guilty of the bottle shaking. Thanks so much for that tip! And that colour is really gorgeous. I've been wearing greys lately so I'm in need for a POP of colour :)

And thank youuuu so much for the shout-out for the postcard project!

Lin said...

Ooh nice color! And I'm totally guilty of {over} shaking my nail polish. Thanks for the tip, maybe my nails will stay painted longer now ;)