Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: Food!

This is my first time doing Ten on Tuesday and it's from Walking with Nora but really it's via here.

1.  What condiments are always, always in your fridge?
Ketchup and hot mustard. There are probably a bunch of other "Asian" condiments but I can't recall any.

2.   How do you like your steak cooked?  Your burgers?
I don't eat steak or burgers anymore but when I did eat steak, I always had it medium well.

3.  What’s your favorite use for fresh tomatoes?

In a caprese salad or just with mozzarella, basil and some balsamic vinegar.

4.  What’s your go-to dinner when you haven’t planned anything in advance and you don’t feel like going out?
Homemade mac and cheese or some type of pasta or frozen thin crust pizza.

5.  What’s your favorite snack food lately?
Popcorn. My hubby makes the best popcorn.

6.  What’s your favorite weekend breakfast to make at home?
Again my hubby makes really good French toast.

7.  What’s your favorite thing to grill?  How do you do it?
Chicken burgers. We made some last night. I am very thankful that my dad got us a Cuisinart Griddle/Grill for Christmas. It's come in handy for most of our meal. We live in a condo so it's our makeshift BBQ.

8.  What’s your favorite wine for under $10? If you’re not a wine person, what brand of beer is your favorite?
I don't really like wine. I am a totally beer drinker. I like Bud Light Lime, Stella Artois Light, Mill Street Organic and Fruli (as Strawberry beer).

9.  Give us your most delicious cocktail recipe.
Mojitos or mimosas. If you want a mocktail, ginger ale and cranberry juice. I make these mocktails for my co-workers when we are stressed out. It's to pretend we are having an actual cocktail.

10.  How do you like your eggs?
Overhard. I need my eggs fried with the yolk broken and cooked well done.

This was fun. I love talking about food. Thanks Nora!


Anonymous said...

my favorite topic: FOOD! love caprese salad, stella artois and any fruity beer. cocktails and white wines are my favorite :) eggs overhard definitely. the runny ones just don't do it for me. french toast and mac n cheese ... mmmmm!!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am now craving a caprese salad hehe!

Be sure to enter my giveaway, it's open to international readers :D

Nikolett said...

I just ate a slice of the cake I made (pretty good!) but this post is making me hungry all over again haha. Chicken burgers and caprese salad sounds amazing right about now. And I don't think I've ever had a mimosa, I need to get on that :)

bananas. said...

overhard huh? why does that make me giggle?

i like mine over medium. and my steak medium well. and my mac & cheese extra cheesy.

mmm and now i'm starving.

Joanne said...

I'm gonna have to make myself a mocktail soon. :)
My hubby cooks awesome steaks! I'm salivating just thinking about it.... yummmmmm :)

becca. said...

#4 is totally me.

Kasey Lynne said...

i now want all the food you talked about in this post. YUM.

i've never had fruity beer though! i gotta put that on the list!

Lin said...

omg I dont how anyone could ever give up the greatness that is steak (yum!). I order my meat med-well too :)

My hubs likes his eggs over-easy & I have no idea how he can eat an egg that's not cooked all the way through. I can only scrambled eggs.