Monday, April 18, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics: a bundle of good stuff

I get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar once a month and sometimes, I get samples to try. I went back to the Benefit counter to buy the full size product of Stay Don’t Stray and luckily for me, they had a special gift with purchase.  If I spent over $50, I would get a gift which included Stay Don’t Stray, That Gal and Sugarbomb Box ‘o Powder – all full sized products. This was a deal I couldn’t pass up. So I bought Boi-ing and High Brow (I will review each of these products except for Sugarbomb which I gave to my mom).

I first tried this product when I was given a sample of it. The sample that I received came in a container that made the application so easy to apply. Stay Don’t Stray is a primer for your eyes, it makes concealers and eyeshadow stay put. Now with the full size of Stay Don’t Stray, the container is ENTIRELY different. It comes in the form of a pump, which I hate because I find that too much product comes out and I end up wasting a lot. The sample version came with a applicator tip which allowed for you to apply by adding dots around your eye and then blend. Despite my dislike for the packaging, I still love the product. The formula blends well and definitely brightens up my eye area and primes for the concealer I apply after. I also find it helps keep my eyeliner and mascara from running onto my face.

 the little sample I received

Will I buy this product again? I will decide that when I run out. As much as I love it, I don’t love the airless pump feature.

I bought this heavy-duty concealer when I had my bout of adult acne in the fall. I was breaking out a lot and not to be gross, I picked at my acne too which left some lovely looking scars. I needed a good concealer that would cover these scars, as well as the redness under my nose and the dark shadows under my eyes when I don’t get enough sleep. When you warm up this warm before applying it, it does wonders and covers every little blemish, it doesn’t come off either, it stays on all day.

Will I buy this product again? Yes. It’s the best concealer I have tried so far.

This face primer definitely smoothes out and brightens my face. I think it worked well with my skin in the winter months when my face was dull and colourless. As summer approaches, I will have to see if it will work with my tanned skin (I may switch over to Girl Meets Pearl for the summer). I used this primer every morning after my moisturizer settled in an absorbed and it made for a wonderful base before adding my concealer, bronzer and highlighting powder. Now you know my secret as to why I look like I am 25. I cake on the makeup but do it in such a fashion that doesn’t look like it’s caked on.

Will I buy this product again? Yes. I am actually quite addicted to it. I don’t think I have gone one day without it. Even if I don’t have time to put on makeup, I will at least apply That Gal to brighten my face.

Recently, I have decided to go with the really short blunt bangs look. This totally exposed my brows. Since I don’t wear eyeshadow or mascara every day, I wanted something to highlight and draw attention to my eyes besides the usual eyeliner I wear. High Brown adds an instant lifted look to your eyes. Again, if you don’t have time to do a full on make up application, High Brow, That Gal and an eyelash curler are three tools to get you through the day.

Will I buy this product again? Probably not. The pencil will last me for some time and by the time I need a new one, I will probably have a different hairstyle by then.

Do you have a favorite Benefit product? If you do, please share.


Elisse said...

I love Benefit cosmetics too! That Gal is one of my favorite primers, and I'm a loyal user of Benetint (cheek tint)

Boing sounds like it's worth a try - adult acne sucks - I thought I was done with acne in highschool :(

Anonymous said...

i have such sensitive skin that pretty much neutrogena and clinique are my go-to. i would love to try "that gal" by benefit, though i hope it doesn't give me red rashes like most others that i've tried. :(

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lisa said...

Great reviews Leesh! I've mostly stayed away from Benefit because despite the cute packaging and rave reviews, a lot of their products seem too shimmery for my taste.

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVE That Gal...which reminds me that I need to go get another bottle. And their concealer didn't work for me which was a huge bummer.

I'll have to check that Stay don't Stray stuff....

jessica said...

great reviews! i've never tried benefit products, but i think i might have to now!! i've got my eye on boiing and that gal...