Thursday, April 21, 2011

Consonant Body Foaming Face Wash


I got this face wash as a giveaway on a blog and it's part of the Healthy Skin Detox for Body Kit. I didn't get to use the body wash since my hubby used it all up and I thought the body lotion was okay. It's not moisturizing enough for my dry skin. But this foaming face wash is a gift sent from the heavens. It works for both different types of skins, which my hubby and I have. Him - oily, me - dry. I like that we can use just one product to clean our face rahter than buying two separate ones catering to our skin type. It's a very light and gentle cleanser and you only need to use very little despite it's foaminess. It's definitely lasted us more than 30 days.

Would I buy this product again? Of course, for $18, I rather buy one cleanser than buy two at the same price. It's saving me money. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can do so from the Consonant Body website or why not support my BFF's boutique and buy from her.

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lisa said...

It's an amazing product, isn't it? Mine ran out after about 5 months and I had to buy it again. It's gentle but effective at removing dirt and makeup, and it doesn't dry out my skin. $18 may seem like a lot for a face wash compared to a drugstore brand, but it's worth every penny. My skin actually started getting irritated when I used up my first bottle and tried the drugstore face wash again!