Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday (on Saturday afternoon)

The week after a vacation is always tiresome. You are playing catch up at work, you are tired and adjusting to the grind. There's loads of laundry to be done and no food in the house. There's also blog reading/commenting to catch up on, as well as all the TV shows we missed.

I was so excited for Friday to arrive. I capped off my week with two drinking dates. Thursday at at Ten Restaurant with some girls I get together with once a year, Kathy, Stephanie and Aileen. We ate tons of appetizers because it was 1/2 price happy hour and %5 martinis. Friday was beers and more appetizers with Maureen. For the rest of the week, I plan to do everything I mentioned before but so far, I have done nothing but laundry. So before I go back to my "chores", let's fill in some blanks over at Lauren's blog.

1. I am looking forward to my five year wedding anniversary. I love vacationing with my hubby, whether we do a city trip or another beach vacation, we ALWAYS have a good time together.

2. Something kind of embarassing that I still love anyway is the movie Can't Stop the Music. It's about the Village People. Yup, kinda embarrassing but I have the movie and the record album.

3. My favorite car is a Cadillac Escalade. I don't know why but I just like them. I don't drive but I bet you if I did, I wouldn't be able to drive it.

4. If I could pick one type of weather to live with for the rest of my life it would be hot and humid weather, as long as I am living close to a beach. But if I am living in Toronto, I just want hot weather so I don't have to ever wear socks and deal with rain and snow.

5. My favorite thing to do after a bad/stressful day is drink. Alcohol solves all problems. Just kidding, that made me sound like an alcoholic. But drinking is a great stress relief and a way to wind down.

6. This weekend I want to watch Water for Elephants but I am waiting for someone (yes, that means you Mike!) to finish the book.

7. If I were a color, I'd be yellow because, I took this test and this is the result I got:

You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! I can't believe tomorrow will be May. Hopefully with May rolling in, the April showers will stop because I am having a difficult time wearing close-toed shoes after being in Cuba for a week.


jessica said...

loved this!! i want an escalade too! haha

hope you're having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

your answer to #5 is awesome. come on now, i think vegas will be the true test! LOL, but then again, i don't think there will be problems at the end of the day aside from who's gonna take us home when we're all watered down with you know what! :)

Maureen said...

I just took the test. In. Yellow too! I want hot weather too!