Sunday, April 10, 2011

good eats this weekend

This weekend was a McFatty weekend but in a good way. No McDonalds this time but I did eat out a lot. First was La Bertolla di Terroni with Maureen on Friday night. We were suppose to check out this resto back in March and the main reason we wanted to go here was because @TorontoEats on Twitter tweeted a photo of Nutella fritters. Maur and I were intrigued. Seating was tight and I felt like we were actually eating with the people next to us but they both ate really quickly and left. They were probably annoyed with our conversations. Both of us weren't that hungry and we wanted to save room for dessert so we started off with bellinis (peach juice and prosecco), a salad and a pizza. When it came time to order dessert, we only ordered the Nutella fritters, our server suggested we get two but we wanted to see what it tasted like. We should have listened to her because we did want another and waited forever for her to come around. By the time she did, we didn't want it anymore, the novelty wore off. I am craving for it again...

Funghi Assoluti
Baked Oyster Mushrooms, Parmigiano, Bread Crumbs, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar on Arugola 

Bufalina Pizze
Tomato, Bufalo, Mozzarella, Basil 

Frittelle di Nutella con Gelato
Fritters with Nutella and Homemade Gelato

I asked Maur to take this photo to send to 26er to make him jealous. He loves chocolate as much as we do.

**All the above photos were taken with Maur's photo, my photos were coming out fuzzy/blurry**


Saturday at noon, Mike and I took my dad to Oliver & Bonacini  at Oakville Place for brunch. I ♥ brunch so I wanted to give them a try since I enjoy their dinner menu. It was okay, nothing really wow'ed me. I rather stick to eating at O &B at night.

Belgian Waffle 
fresh off the iron with mixed berries, lemon whipped cream & maple syrup

Eggs n’ Lox 
scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with fresh local smoked salmon, chives, grilled asparagus & mascarpone

Poached Eggs on Polenta 
two poached eggs on creamy polenta with roasted peppers, hominy corn, spicy lamb sausage & Parmigiano-Reggiano


After brunch, Mike and I FINALLY went to Yorkville because I wanted to buy these wedges at Cole Haan. I could have easily bought about 10 pairs of shoes but I was good and limited myself to one pair. I will post about the pair I bought in another post. After walking around for a couple of hours, we were walking back to the car when Mike saw a restaurant he read about, Yamato Japanese Restaurant. We eat a lot of sushi, anywhere from all you can eat to cheap places to moderate priced to even expensive sushi. I was hesitant on eating at Yamato because there wasn't too many patrons and it was a bit pricey for lunch, but boy, was it good. I forgot to take a photo of our Sunomomo salad and fresh oysters with ponzu sauce but I did remember to take a picture of our other two dishes. Let me tell you that the sashimi just melts in your mouth and same with the maki roll we ordered. It was totally worth it!

Dragon Roll 
shrimp tempura, eel and fish roe topped with sliced avocado

Sashimi Sampler
tuna, salmon, butterfish and hamachi


Finally we ate at home. Mike made us sort of a hot pot soup. Our first batch did not turn out, I don't want to even describe what happened because we are so disgusted by it but second batch was delicious.

Seafood udon satay hot pot with shrimp balls, cuttlefish slices, bean sprouts and pea shoots


Back out again on Sunday morning. Mike and I hibernating all winter and with the warm sunny weather, we went out both days. This time lunch was at Alice Fazooli's. Mike just ordered a salad and calamari. The sauce for the calamari was delicious. I was craving pizza again but I got confused with what Gorgonzola cheese was so I did not enjoy my pizza as much as I would have liked to. I think that the pizza had potential if they took out the gorgonzola. Maybe next time, I will just stick with what I know.

 Rosso sangria (Mezzomondo Negromaro, brandy, fresh orange juice, ginger ale, simple syrup)
& Hoegaarden

Crisp deep-fried calamari, cocktail sauce with balsamic-basil twist, salsa verde aïoli

 Italian sausage thin crust pizza
Italian sausage, red onions, fennel, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella, fontina, grana padano, tomato sauce

So that is how I ate through my weekend. The funny thing is on Friday night, I couldn't figure out why all my food photos were coming out blurry. I thought that maybe my phone is getting old and overused. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon at the Japanese restaurant did I realize that there was a bunch of gunk on the len. Once I cleaned it, I was able to once again take clear photos. 
What did you eat this weekend?


inHERshoes said...

i don't remember what i ate, ha ha, but i did, i love looking at food photos!!!! especially those nutella fritters!

Maureen said...

i ate what you ate on Friday night! haha. yesterday, Jaida's bday cele was at a Italian restaurant - had pizza, wings, lasagna, salad and cake. it was all so yummzy. then had mcDs before the movie as a quick snack. today for breakie, 26er made me a fried egg sammy. for linner i had a tall lactaid skinny cinnamon dolce latte. i'm not really too hungry today...

i'm very jealous of the sushi you ate! i NEED to eat at that japanese resto! I WANT! nomnomnom.

Joanne said...

You ate a lot of good food this weekend! The poached eggs, dragon roll and seafood udon is making my mouth water. OH! & the calamari! yummmm!!

Steph I said...

Gosh, what a delicious weekend you had.

Elisse said...

YUMMY! I'm a huge brunch food fan myself - do they have all-day breakfast buffets in Vegas?

Kasey Lynne said...

i can't even say anything because i'm drooling too much!!!

is that gross? hahah :)

Marz said...

OMG it's nearly midnight here and I'm tempted to eat something because all of your amazing food has made me so hungry!!! :) I love food!!! Every dish looks so yummy!