Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just some random stuff

My mom is the sweetest, she sent me a box filled with goodies. I can't wait to dive in and eat up these oreos and chocolates. You know I will be bringing some to Cuba!

 m&m's in peanut butter, coconut and almond

 All sorts of Oreos that we definitely don't get in Toronto. I can't wait to dive into the Peanut Butter ones.

I haven't been to Vegas since 2008 and I was there for my mom's wedding but apparently when you go to Vegas to actually party, there's always a "song" that will remind you of your time there. There a lot of "Vegas" songs that I like right now but I have a feeling that it might not be played in Vegas because it's still months away. Maur and Mike assured me that even if a song is old, they will still play it in the clubs. I am hoping Brit's Till the World Ends or LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem or the song below will be playing when I finally reach Vegas.

I'm so in love with this song by Far East Movement. I hope it's all I hear when I am in Vegas.

I plan to bring these books with me to Cuba. I know they are all books but the common theme here is that they are all becoming movies soon. Water for Elephants on April 22, One Day on July 8 and I Don't Know How She Does It on Sept 16.

Happy hump day! How has your week been?


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww what a sweet thoughtful mom. I know what you mean about Vegas. My Vegas song has got to be Lady Gaga's Born This Way. I swear when I was there last month I heard that song being played all over Vegas.

Steph I said...

Your mom is so sweet to have sent those treats for you to enjoy.

I read Water for Elephants a while ago and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. I'm really curious about the movie now too.

Joanne said...

Those treats looks really yyummy. That was so nice of your mom to send u some sweet treats.
I haven't been to Vegas in my adult life! Can you believe it?!? The last time I was there was when I was 13!! Haha! I'll need to go there before I turn 30. :) Happy Wednesday!!

JMJE said...

My friend lives in Vegas so I get to go visit her sometimes. I'm currently reading One Day and I'm liking it.

Lin said...

Your mom is so sweet! Oreos...YUM!!

Elisse said...

Fun care package!!! Mom's know best, and she sent you some yummy goodies!!

I haven't been able to get back to reading just yet. Hopefully I'll get started after during the Easter long weekend!

Micaela said...

aren't mommas the best?!?!!? i wish sending home made food was easier... i miss my mom's for sure!

mmm oreos!!!

i can't wait to see photos and hear about your trip! (i LOVE the one you shared on my traveling wens. virtual date!)

also you'll love "water for elephants"-- i read it in like 2 days! I can't wait to see the film and SWOON over R. Patz!

Nikolett said...

Aww, your mom is so sweet for sending those sweets ... could she send some my way? haha. And I'm a little jealous you're flying off to Cuba, pleeease have a blast for me! And I really want to read "Water for Elephants", hope it's good! :)

No Guts, No Glory said...

I also want to read "Water for Elephants."

Maureen said...

I can't wait to dive into the peanut butter Oreos too! Lol! I've seen the coconut m&ms around tdot once in awhile. My fave m&ms are the mint premiums. You tried them when I brought them back from NYC, right? I'm so looking forward to chi-town so i can snack-shop! Yes!