Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LUSH products

 Every once in a while, I like to spoil myself with some LUSH treats. Usually it's bath bombs and soaps but I have decided to expand my horizons and explore other products LUSH has to offer.

I bought this shampoo bar because believe it or not, my husband asked me too. We were currently using Pantene and found that it was drying out our scalp and also flaking. I spoke to one of the salesperson at the store and told her that I wanted something manly, and she recommended Squeaky Green. I was a little skeptical in buying such a little thing for $9.95. We have had this bar for well over a month and it looks like we haven't even touched it. You only need very little before it suds up and I have very long hair.

I am always in search for new hand creams. I had a 25% off coupon to try body/skin products at LUSH, so I opted to try their handy gurugu hand cream since it retails for $16.95. With the coupon, I saved a bit. You only need very little because it's filled with nut butters and essential oils. It reminds me of the body butters from The Body Shop. I know that when winter comes around again, this hand cream will definitely be a staple in my bag. It applies heavy but the moisture stays on even after you have washed your hands. It also softens ragged cuticles.

This mask actually smells like a cupcake and looks like chocolate frosting. I'm not gonna lie, I am tempted some times to just eat it out of the pot. The mask has ingredients such as Rhassoul mud to clean and sooth your skin as well as cocoa butter, linseed and cocoa powder to soften the skin. All in all, it removes excess oil and calms breakouts. I originally bought this for my husband but have started to use it for my forehead since I get pretty oil in that area and break out because of my bangs.

This lovely green mask has ground almond shell with almond oil and seaweed gel that polish and soften the skin. It also contains soothing lavender essential oil. This mask is great for those with dry skin. That's me! I use this for the rest of my face and once I rinse and massage gently, it leaves my skin sparkling clean.

What great about these products that come in a black pot is if you bring back 5 of them, you get a fresh face mask free. With the two face masks and hand cream I purchased, I am already over halfway to getting a new mask. There are so many other masks that I would like to try. Just remember to keep these masks in your fridge and use it up 2-3 weeks after you have purchased it.

How often do you give yourself a mini-facial?


Anonymous said...

I love Lush's Helping Hands hand cream. It's the only thing that keeps my hangnails in check.

We're big fans of the bath bombs too.

I didn't know about the return 5 pots and get a free face mask. I recycled so many of them!

Joanne said...

I've never tried Lush products before. After this post, I might just give a product a try. The squeaky green shampoo bar sounds like a good one to try. Thx for sharing this. :)

Anonymous said...

i envy anyone who can enter a victoria secrets and lush (bath and body works and the body shop isn't as bad) without having an allergy sneezing attack! every time i've tried going inside those two stores, i come out with allergies being activated! this is why i always shop online at VS and i always look from the outside windows when i pass by lush. *shaking my head* ugh!

jessica said...

i never heard of lush until i did a swap a few months back, now i'm a huge fan!!

now i need to try the hand cream and fresh face mask....