Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Olay Sheer Moisture Ribbons Body Wash


I received this body wash at BlushPretty's Beauty Board. I typically love all of Olay products but this is one product that I wasn't happy with. Although it claims it has moisture ribbons, mandarin oil and that it will hydrate your skin, I found that it left my skin extremely dry. I am talking about dry beyond belief, more drying than using that nasty pink soap found in most public washrooms. I was quite disappointed in Olay but it won't prevent me from trying their other body washes. The great thing about attending the Beauty Board is that you get to try out lots of products without having to waste money trying something you may not like in the end.

Have you tried this body wash? Did you like it?


fashionismyh2o said...

=O I'm shocked at that! I've been so tempted to buy this before thanks so much for saving me the dissapointment! I find my skin is very sensitive anyway so stuff like this would probably tip me over! Thanks again :)


cranberryportage said...

Oh no, you cannot be using something that dries your skin. I found that Bath and Body Works Euchalyptus Spearment Body Wash is really good for dry skin. As well I use the same scent but their sugar scrub - once a week of this keeps my skin soft, silky and smooth.

Margarita said...

I find that about all the olay products, they might feel moisturizing but they're not. Too bad.