Sunday, April 3, 2011

One of a Kind Show

Last Thursday, my friend, Kathy invited me to go to the One of a Kind Show. I have never been to this show, always wanted to go but never got the chance. We met up after work and walked around and browsed for two hours. At the end of it, here is what I bought:

Estate necklace from Foxy Original

I wasn't sure if I wanted the necklace until the owner told me that I could flip it around and wear it this way. After that, I was sold!

Olive ring also from Foxy Original 
(this ring looks great with Spehora by OPI's High Maintenance, it's the polish I had on when I tried the ring. The colour combo looked so great that I had to buy the ring)

Coach House shortbread cookies in Lemon and Dark Chocolate  Fleur de Sel
(Every booth we stopped by commented on these shortbread cookies, apparently they are a exhibitor favorite.)

Olive Authentique hand balm in Ginger and Lemongrass
(For some reason, we walked by this booth and only discovered it on our way out, I had to refrain myself from buying everything)

Whipped Cosmetics Bee Hive soap
(It smells so delicious. There was another scent I wanted, something like Fairy Berry but I felt like I was cheating on LUSH cosmetics. I am going to kick myself if this soap is as wonderful as it smells)

The Hot Lollies in Toffee
(This is cheesecake on a stick. It was expensive, $8 for one but in my opinion since I am not a cheesecake fan, it was definitely worth it. I think they were selling six for $32, I should have been a big pig and picked up six)

I had a lot of fun. I would have liked to have taken my time and really looked at each booth. Although most things are hella expensive, it's nice to see all the creativity in the building. One exhibitor whose stuff I really liked was Marmalade Designs. I wanted to get something for my dear blogger friend, Elisse since she loves owls so much. Now it's like her obsession with owls has turned into my obsession too. Since this necklace adorable?

At least I know the designer is in Toronto so I should have no problem if I decide I want to order a piece from her.

Did you go to the One of a Kind Show? What exhibitor was your favorite?


Kathy said...

omg, i kick myself for not buying any body washes from the bath exhibitors. the soaps are SO excellent; you'll love them.

glad you had fun; i had so much fun

inHERshoes said...

that ring is lovely! and of course, the lollipop! i just bought a friend a gold tone triangle necklace. she is obsessed. got it at etsy for $10. great finds, leesh!

The Girlie Blog said...

Nice items you shared. The necklace is very cool, especially if it flips. And I just love that owl necklace.

Nikolett said...

Ahhh so jealous! I wanted to go to this so badly but wasn't able to make it out. You have some great finds - love that first necklace and hand balm sounds great right about now. And yessss for more people becoming obsessed with owls haha :)

lisa said...

I've been to the OOAK Vancouver show! It's so much fun and you can find some really unique items from exhibitors.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Looks like you made out! Love that ring!!

Joanne said...

I'm really looking forward to OOAK Vancouver this year. I went to one in 2009 & I loved it! So many unique things. My favourite were the one of a kind teapots. I forget what the company was called. I wish I knew.
Love the accessories you got. d

Maureen said...

great finds! i've always wanted a ring in the colour you got... i'm pretty sure i wa eyeing one just like that one!