Wednesday, April 27, 2011

something to make you laugh

It's another dreary day with all this rain and fog. Hopefully you are somewhere where it's warm and sunny. It's been difficult coming back from a sunny, hot vacay to this weather, I guess it's made me appreciate my trip to Cayo Santa Maria a bit more (lol).

Anyway, this is the first time I have opened up my laptop since I got back early Sunday morning. I have blogged from work and tried to catch up on tweets and blog reading through my iPhone. I am slowly getting back into the social groove.

So, on this yucky hump day, I would like to share with you this funny video Mike and I watched Monday night. It's an old clip from an Ellen show but I hope it makes you smile today.

Happy Wednesday! The weekend is almost here...


The Girlie Blog said...

Love when Ellen does this. Very funny! Thank you!

Nikolett said...

LOL I've never seen this before so it's definitely an oldie but goodie. And I'm sorry your trip to Cuba wasn't that great but I still envy you being able to enjoy such nice, warm weather since it's miseeeerable here. I needed a laugh, thank you :D Good luck getting back into the groove, hope you have an awesome weekend!