Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day (and a very funny baby photo)

First things's nighttime so this greeting is late. I hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful day filled with lots of love, food and gifts. My mom doesn't live in the same city as me so I am very happy that my card reached her in San Jose before Mother's Day. Here is the last photo I have of me and my mom. It was taken on my last visit.

This was weekend was a lazy one but at least we were lazy at someone's house. We had a sleepover at DD Cottage. We were treated to yummy pasta made by JP - boy can this man cook. And for the first time ever, instead of immediately changing into our pajamas and entering a night full of movies, we went out of drinks at a hidden gem in their neighbourhood. JP paid for drinks and Mike and I were not okay with it so I shoved money into Lyn's purse. We got home at midnight and were pretty proud of ourselves for actually going out. We hung out and talked for the rest of the night and finally went to bed at 3 am. When we woke up on Saturday, we were again treated to a delicious breakfast by JP. This guy seriously spoils us. And then...we got lazy. We napped but then Lyn and I got our butts in gear and actually went out to watch Something Borrowed while the boys stayed home and watched Game of Thrones. I'll post my thoughts on the movie later this week. Later in the evening, we met up with some other friends for Pho. As we were leaving DD cottage, JP kindly helped me carry my purse to the car since we had so many bags to bring home. Later when we were almost home, JP called to inform us that he secretly tucked the money I shoved in Lyn's purse into mine. That sneaky devil!!!!

Now today, we went to Brampton to celebrate Mother's Day. It wasn't decorated all fancy like last year but this year, we had brunch. The list of things we ate is too long but let's just say it was better than going to eat at a buffet. Mike and I got to play with the kids and this time, little Blake actually wanted to play with us. I'm his godmother and usually, I am not even allowed to look at him or he will throw a fit and start crying but today, maybe because of a sugar rush or maybe a nap, we played airplane and shark attack for most of the afternoon. I also got to carry baby Hannah without her crying. Here are some pictures of the kids. I will save the best for last...

 Hannah and Katelyn

 Lil Solon Massive  - Blake, Hannah and Belle

This next picture has not been altered. This is what happens when you try to take a photo with your iPhone (no flash) and there is a person beside you taking a photo with a camera using flash...

You end up with a photo with the kids looking like they have seen a ghost or aliens!!!!

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Steph S C-O said...

That last pic is hilarious and look at Blake's big toes!
It was a fun day! I'm still full! I hope you got a good workout today! ;)