Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May confessions

After watching Never Say Never, I am officially a BELIEBER. I am not gonna hate on the kid anymore because he really is talented and he did struggle to get where he is today. I thought it was Usher who found him on You Tube but that's not the case. Watch the movie to find out how it really went down.

Cheese is my enemy (or frenemy). As much as I want to be friends with cheese, it backstabs me and hurts me like no one has before. Cheese tempts me with its goodness on pizza but later just upsets me.

I keep wanting to add more lipsticks to my collection. I'm still eyeing YSL Volupté Sheer Candy. I also recently bought a red lipstick but I cheaped out and bought Rimmel in Alarm. When will this lipstick madness stop?

I'm kinda crushing on Michael Copon. I thought he was cute as Felix on One Tree Hill but what now makes him cuter is he read my tweet to him and actually responded!

I did one of Tracy Anderson's workouts from You Tube and I've come to realize I'm so uncoordinated. I look awkward trying to follow the exercises which is making me now believe I must look awkward when I dance.

The end of this month has been difficult for me. I've been missing my brother like crazy. Mike thinks it's because I wore G's favorite sweater one day. It's almost three years ago that he passed away and I thought that time heals the pain...it does in a way but as time goes on, I just miss him so much more.


Anonymous said...

i have the same problem as you but with lip gloss. i LOVE lip gloss and nearly bought another one yesterday.

No Guts, No Glory said...

I don't know who Michael Copon is, but I Googled him... No wonder you like him; he reminds me of Mike!

Lin said...

I love you girl but I will never be a Bieber fan...nevah! I dont know what it is about him but he just seriously annoys me haha.

Cheese is SO delicious!

I cant wear lipstick, it feels sticky haha.

I have no clue who Michael Copon is :/

I'm sorry you're missing your bro so much.

Anonymous said...

it is hard to lose family or any people you love in your life. xx

michael copon, did he appear on the kardashian show trying to hook up with kim? anyway, is rimmel brand good? i have their glamlash (i think) mascara, i like it so far! no beiber for me, but don't worry, you can like him. i won't judge :)

and stylish crocs are cool!