Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Memories: Mini Pops


Last Thursday when I was out with Kathy, Steph and Aileen, the Mini Pops was brought up and that's when I thought, I might as well use it for a Monday Memories post. Who didn't grow up with the Mini Pops. I am sure that all of you have their record album somewhere in storage. I know I do. It was my first album ever.

The 80s Mini Pops is the best compared to the crap like this that are out there now. I'm just laughing watching this. It's so embarrassing. No 'tween is going to want the current Mini Pop album when Glee is around.  The old Mini Pops did 70s songs and honestly that how I learned all the old school songs my parents grew up listening to.

Video Killed the Radio Star is my favorite song covered by the original Mini Pops. There's a bunch of other songs I liked from the album shown above but this is the one I like best.

Do you have a favorite song and did you even listen to the Mini Pops?


bananas. said...

what the...?!

i've never ever heard of mini pops! how is that possible?? guess i'm either too young or a child of the 80's who lived under a rock. lol.

it's so weird! lol.

Kathy said...

video killed the radio star was minipops? i love that song but never knew who sung it.

my first record was michael jackson. then i went out and bought the red leather jacket. and wore it. to school. omg i wish i had pics of that

Leesh said...

@Kathy > No, Mini Pops covered the song, I'm not sure who sang the original.

Joanne said...

I was clearly living under a big rock coz I have never heard of Mini Pops. :)

cranberryportage said...

I know this album very well, in fact I think you took it from your Dad's or Gino's collection. Anyway, this reminds me of your photo with the yellow sweater and big earrings and big frame glasses??