Friday, May 13, 2011

movie review: something borrowed

For those who read the book by Emily Giffin, you were probably as anxious as I was to see it come to life on the big screen. I wasn't too thrilled about the casting because I am NOT a fan of Ginnifer Goodwin ever since her insecure role in He's Just Not That Into You (although I loved her in Ramona and Beezus).

Colin Egglesfield was perfect playing Dex,  Kate Hudson is always good at playing the "attention grabbing type" girl and John Krasinski provides some comic relief. It's been over six years since I have read the book and although I claim it to be one of my favorite books, it was hard for me to remember most of the details. Luckily, my friend Lyn who I went to watch it with, pointed out all the differences.

I thought the movie was just okay. I wasn't disappointed but I found it annoying watching Ginnifer Goodwin. I would recommend to wait until it comes out on DVD. Because I didn't think too much of the movie, I am going to re-read the book and Something Blue because this movie left a lead-in to the next book (Oh crap, did I just spoil it for some people?). I guess they did this in case the movie does well.

Did you watch the movie and what are you thoughts? Did you like Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel? Do you think Colin Egglesfield is kinda hot?!? I sure do!


Anonymous said...

wow we must be on the same wavelength because i made hubs get me the book and i stayed up past 1am reading it (omg i'm so tired now).

i saw this book a long time ago but never bothered to pick it up; not sure why. i'm quite surprised that i like it, although the story line is a bit tacky - who would cheat on a bf's fiancee? who would actually drag out a friendship that long if friend A was as selfish/self-centered as darcy? i'da dropped that friend pronto. problem solved.

i saw the trailer for this movie which looked interesting bc i like kate hudson & john krasinski so i thought i might as well read the book first. i'll prob see the movie too.

Lin said...

Ugh...thanks a lot Leesh, you totally ruined the movie for me! *throws hands up in the air* lol

I'm actually reading the book right now & I'm loving it. The movie looks cute enough but I've heard a lot of fans of the book didn't care for it. Also, I gotta tell ya, I'm a fan of Gennifer Goodwin but only because of Big Love. I'm not a fan of Kate Hudson though, she gets on my damn nerves. I will give her props on being hot though...just that. I think I'll take your advice & wait for the DVD :)

PS-> You should definitely go watch Bridesmaids. That shit was hilarious! Like I almost peed a little kind-of-funny lol.

lisa said...

I actually want to read the book now that the movie is out! Will have to find it at the library.

Mrs. Parker said...

I have to concur - I sat in the movie theater a little disappointed. I spent most of the movie pointing out to my husband (bless his heart for going with me) all the differences in the movie from the book. I was a titch frustrated with the total lack of character development...but I suppose that's a little challenging with all the tie ins between each character. We'll see if they follow thru w/ Something Blue & how that all turns out.
And I totally HATED the guy who played douche.

I think I'll stick to just the books in the future!

Marz said...

Leesh I absolutely loved this movie!!! I also really love Ginnifer! I think she's beautiful. I never read the book so I don't know if that has anything to do with me not being disappointed in the movie? Because I thought this movie was a refreshing kind of love story. It was not predictable at all. It surprised me actually! Micaela is in LOVE with Colin Egglesfield after seeing this movie. He is gorgeous! And I loved seeing NYC in the movie because now I know where everything is :)