Wednesday, May 25, 2011

perks for my imaginary company

I don't like to talk about work and I am sure most people who read my blog, don't want to read about what I do. But after having a crappy week at work and hearing of my friends also having a hell week, I decided I would write a post about what fun things I would do for my employees if I owned a small company. I believe that small perks and appreciation are the key to a well-run company. These perks are encouragement for employees to work hard and then play hard. Tokens of appreciation creates a fun environment. Happy employees = a successful, productive company.

Here is my list of what I would do for my employees, if I had a company with about 10 employees (some are probably very fun, far-fetch ideas):
  • Summer hours - whether it be to work an hour more each day so it would be half day Fridays or a full Friday off every other Friday and definitely every Friday before long weekend, the office would shut down at noon.
  • Thristy Thursday (or Friday) once a month - beer, wine and cooler would be served.
  • Birthdays - a birthday cake, card and a $100 gift card of their choice.
  • Staff Breakfasts - everyone is more happy when they've had a good breakfast so why not start the first day of every month with a buffet breakfast?
  • Starbucks card - every employee would get a $25 gift card and it would be reloaded automatically every month.
  • Employee fun day - every couple of months, let's say on a Wednesday, the office would organize a fun afternoon outside of the office. Golf, amusement, water park, a Jays game, roller skating, spa, Broadway show, you get the picture...
  • Flex hours - you get to choose, 8-4, 9-5, 7-3 and if you want to work longer hours one day, you will have a shorter day the next.
  • Team building - this is important. I would bring in some fun team building exercises, like a scavenger hunt or a mock up of Survivor.
  • Volunteer Day - it's always good to volunteer at some charity, maybe have the employees pick a charity that means something to them.
  • Cool office furniture - in white and turquoise and purple, let's make a fun, working environment with functioning cubicle furniture. I would have cork boards and chalk boards everywhere and lots of cool pens and stationery.
  • A trip to Las Vegas - on a really good year when budget has been record numbers, wouldn't a trip to Vegas, all expenses paid be awesome!!?!
 What perks would you give your employees?


inHERshoes said...

i would totally work for you! love it! wow, looks like this must be the week from hell, and it's only tuesday! baahh!!

Kathy said...

during the boom, i used to work for a company that offered most of these perks but when the crash approached (and eventually hit), those were the first things to be taken away because it does cost a lot of money. for example, i was told that the free breakfast (nothing fancy either - just your regular spread of bagles/breads/cheese/butter/crackers etc) cost the company $35K/month!

i don't know if i could ever do 'set' hours ie. i *must* be in at 9am and leave no earlier than 5pm. i've always worked at places where i could come/go whenever i pleased (or assumed?)and of course, i would ensure that all my work is done before i left for the day. "time-watchers" drive me crazy - i'm a grown-ass woman, i know what i have to do when i go to work!

and i'm glad i'm not the only one having a hellish week. let's hope this week goes by fast! vegas can't come soon enough!

Lin said...

So yeah...if you ever do get your own company I'll totally be moving to Canada. Ha-ha.

Michelleesque said...

If that ever happens, please feel free to contact me and I promise I'll be one hell of an employee at your company, hahah! :)

Lip Gloss and Flip Flops said...

I would totally work for your company!

cranberryportage said...

I might be your oldest employee, but it will be me who get your coffee in the morning, get up really early to bake fresh treats for our morning meeting. Your company will have the prettiest girls and the hottest male all wearing the latest fashion with amazing scents. Your company will be called: 26G (in honor of your brother).It'll have 26 colors, scents,flavors of everything from lipsticks,polish,cupcakes as well as clothes and footwear.