Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Postcard Project - from Alexis

Back in April, I enjoyed the Postcard Project hosted by Better Than Coffee. This is the second time I have joined. The last time I got a postcard from Texas and this time, one from the Philippines. I am so thankful to Nikolett for organizing this project because it's a great way to meet bloggers from around the world.

So, here is the postcard I received from Alexis over at The Magick Box.  Her friend painted it herself. It's quite lovely and very unique compared to other postcards I have received. Thanks Alexis!

Joining postcard swaps is quite fun. It's truly a great way to add to your postcard collection and meet new and interesting bloggers. If you happen to see one around, I would consider joining and also, you should let me know because I would love to join another one!


Claire Kiefer said...

I just did one that Gracie hosted and it was fun! I sent my partner a handmade postcard, and she sent me one of a photograph she took herself. Love it!

Alexis said...

Glad you liked the postcard! :) Thanks again for the one you sent. :)