Sunday, May 15, 2011

the weekend's over already???

My how the weekends go by so quickly. I am waiting for Survivor: Redemption Island to start so I am going to start typing this post and will have to finish it during commercials. Yes, I think I am the only one who still watches this show. There is maybe only one season that I didn't watch and that was because it was boring with lifeless competitors. There was no drama or hotties.

My weekend really consisted of nothing much but watching Fast Five with Maur yesterday. I thought I had all the F&F movies and had planned to watch them last night but we only had Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious (I need to get The Fast & The Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious). Paul Walker totally had captured my heart. Soon I will have to watch Takers, Blue Crush and She's All That again just to get my fix. Anyway, I watched the fourth installment last night but fell sleep. What's with me falling asleep so early on the weekends?

Today, Mike and I went to the mall to buy some things for when we go to Punta Cana - oops, did I tell you we are going to Punta Cana in three weeks for our 5 year anniversary? Yup, we are staying at Now Larimar, a resort that we went to back in Christmas 2009 but has just been re-branded last month. I can't wait!!! Punta Cana feels like home to us so it will be nice to go back for a visit. No luck in finding trunks and bikinis for our trip but instead I bought these cute shoes...

I keep telling myself, "enough with the flat shoes, I need some heels for Vegas" but these comfy flats, I just couldn't pass up. So, do you like them? Aren't they cute? Guess what...they are CROCS!!! That's right, those ugly things, Crocs, now have some chic comfy shoes. I love them! They are coming with me to Punta Cana and might be coming with me to Vegas when walking around during the day.

I tried to hold off. I wanted to wait until it came out in paperback but I couldn't resist. I have to read it now, I am having withdrawals. I picked up City of Fallen Angels and will read it as soon as I finish One Day. I am having lots of trouble reading it but I must get through it. Knowing that once I finish One Day, I can move on to Jace and Clary is enough motivation for me.

I hope you had a lovely weekend despite to gloomy weather. If you had sunshine all weekend, I'm jealous. Now it's time for me to get back to Survivor. I can't wait to see Grant and Matt with their short hair at the reunion.


Anonymous said...

i love crocs, too. my faves are the malindi and olivia models. super comfy! although i had to take out the snap on bling on the olivia one, a little tacky! LOL

Maureen said...

cute crocs! i bought a pair in hawaii that i absolutely love! they're brown and pink. here's a pic:

one of my best purchases EVER!

too bad they're discontinued. i'm on a mission to find a pair (different colour combo) for Pernia since my style was the only one in all of Honolulu and were a size 5! having small feet has their advantages!

bananas. said...

crocs huh? wow i would've never guessed. still won't take the plunge and buy them for myself. i just can't. lol.

so exciting about your upcoming trip! i'm jealous. i need a vacay BADLY!

ps. thanks for your sweet comments. very thoughtful :)

No Guts, No Glory said...

When are you going to Vegas?

Marz said...

I'm so jealous of all the traveling you and Mike get to do :) So happy for your upcoming anniversary trip :) I love the fact that Punta Cana feels like home to you guys :) I can't believe that those adorable shoes are Crocs! I had to read that sentence twice to make sure I read it correctly haha

Micaela said...

i wish i was like you and traveled!!!! (i am lucky to have two back to back trips in the span of a month but you go off to beautiful destinations with your husband... i want!!!) i had to giggle at what you said about crocs because my husband bought the cutest shoes from there (not the ones they're known for) and friends couldn't believe they were crocs either. I'm going to have to search for those flats... so pretty!

ps. when i'm done with "one day" i'll be so curious as to why you didn't like it. I love it so far!!!