Thursday, June 30, 2011

June confessions

I wonder a lot about what it's like for Justin Bieber's parents. They are just a couple years older than me and have this superstar teen making millions . How awesome would that be?

I had a hard time getting back into work mode after my vacay in Punta Cana. It took close to two weeks to get my groove back but I am still having a hard time.

Is it selfish of me to want Mike's friends to choose a certain resort for their destination wedding? I seriously can't wait for their wedding.

I've been pretty much broke for all of June so that I'll have money for Vegas.

My mom will be leaving in a couple of days. I don't want to get too attached to her because I don't want to cry when she leaves so I'll just pretend she's going on vacation.

I've been thinking about my brother a lot and it's probably because it's near his 3 year death anniversary.

My niece Hannah is so stinkin' cute. It's those damn chubby cheeks of hers.

Surprisingly, I'm not watching much TV. With all the regular shows done for the summer, I have chosen to read instead of looking for new summer shows to watch.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

remembering gino

Today marks three years to the day when my brother decided that he couldn't take it anymore. As my aunt says, gone too soon (or see here to read my mom's poem). It also marks the day five years ago that Mike and I walked into our first home as a married couple. So bittersweet this day is. I am at a lost for words so I'll just take today on my blog as a moment of silence.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My weekend (Jun 24-26)

My weekend didn't turn out as I thought it would. I took Friday off last minute to spend some time with my mom but the weather was crap and we didn't know if it was going to rain so we just chilled in the condo. I had this random urgent to re-arrange the bedroom so now it looks much more spacious with lots of light coming in through our floor to ceiling windows. Later at night, we went to Mike's parent's house to play with the ever-so-cute and playful Hannah while my mom caught up with my mother-in-law. Saturday, my spa day with Maureen got canceled so we just went for bubble tea to talk about Vegas (we are roomies) and Maureen came over to catch up with my mom. Sunday, since my mom was golfing the whole day, Mike and I went back to Brampton, again to play with the kids. Everyone left to go do something so Mike and I were left with Belle. Boy, did we ever have fun. We learned how to sing the alphabet in a new soulful way. Belle and I braided each other's hair and did each other's makeup (sorry, Michael but we did wipe it off right away). It was really nice to spend some time with Belle. I love it when she is not cranky and just wants to enjoy some time with Uncle Mick and Tita Leesh. Blake was finally comfortable with me and Mike, although I experienced the wrath of Blake and his scary cut-eye. Later on that night, I decided to paint bright colours on my nails. It didn't turn out so well. Here's some photos from the weekend:

I just love Hannah's chubby cheeks.

Too much makeup with Belle.

The two sensitive boys - Uncle Mick and Blakey.
mom with new haircut (I got crap from her for posting the other photo)

Yellow toes and orange & purple nails. Eww, gross! My toes look like fingers. Never again will I use yellow nail polish.

Hooray that this week is a short one. I am off on Wednesday and Friday is a holiday. We have got lots of stuff to do on the weekend so I have to find some time to pack. I can't believe Vegas is in 11 days!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

his & hers

I found this his and hers post over at the little things we do. Lauren and her husband, Craig are the cutest couple ever, if you follow her blog, you will see how much they are in love and so right for each other. Well, I somehow convinced my hubby to answer these questions too. Here our are answers...


biggest pet peeve: classless no tact people

most hated food: cupcakes

most despised type of music:  anything with no thought or substance behind it

chore to avoid: washing dishes

worst trend imaginable: euro tank tops for men, they look like an oversize bra

idea of the worst vacation:  staycation


biggest pet peeve: people who cut their nails in public

most hated food: celery

most depised type of music: country

chore to avoid: putting away dishes

worst trend imaginable: overalls (I would have to agree with Lauren)

idea of the worst vacation: backpacking through any country

Thursday, June 23, 2011

so i'm not a ballerina

Last week, I went to see my BBF, Stephanie of BlushPretty at her new studio. I asked her if she could do my hair and makeup for a gala I had to work at. She did an amazing job doing my hair up in a ballerina bun and giving me some J.Lo glow to my face. Sadly, I forgot to ask her to take a photo.

My inspiration for the ballerina bun comes from Lauren Conrad. Check out The Beauty Department's post on the ballerina bun. Watching Stephanie do up my hair in this bun looked so simple and easy.


Now, here is my lame attempt at a ballerina bun. Mind you, I didn't have much time to put it all together properly but the outcome was kinda cool. It turned out to be a flat ballerina bun. I probably won't be able to replicate it again so I asked the hubby to take a photo to document it .

Are there any hairstyles you are attempting to recreate?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my guilty pleasures this week v2

What are you into this week? Is there anything you are obsessed with or lusting over or simply can't get enough of?

Kobo Touch Reader. I'm in love and I never thought I would be. I always said to my friends that I would never go over to the dark side and get an e-reader. But thanks to my wonderful mom, I am now a proud owner of a Kobo Touch. The two things that led me to getting this e-reader is that 1) my mom was going to buy it for me and 2) I just don't have more room in my bookshelf and I am on a reading streak. I tested it out today on my commute in and it's great. So far, I have three books loaded up on it - Divergent, Linger and Clockwork Angel - all young adult books.

Mismatched nails. Okay, I am too lazy to rotate the photo but I think you get the picture. I painted one nail on each hand a coral colour and the rest pink. It's tripping everyone out at work.  I honestly love both colours and couldn't decide which one to wear this week, so I combined them.

Cupid's cupcakes. My dad totally surprised Mike and I with a dozen mini cupcakes. How sweet of him to remember my obsession with cupcakes. He was quite proud of himself for finding this delicious cupcake shop in the heart of Oakville, near his house. In this dozen, it included flavours such as Red Velvet (classic southern light chocokate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting), Chocolate Chip Cuppie (chocolate chips stirred into calssic vanilla buttermilk cake, then topped with vanilla frosting and one more chocolate chip), 24-Carrot (classic moist carrot cake with crushed pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg, then topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting), Pucker Up (lemon yogurt cake with freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest with lemon frosting) and a Chef's Choice of Jamaican Me Crazy (vanilla cake with pineapple and mango pieces, topped with a tropical mango pomegranate frosting). I only wish he bought some chocolate cupcakes for me to try. I am definitely going back to Cupid's Cupcakes since it's got tons of flavours and a great price point.

Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wanted something light that I could fit in my purse. These little chubby sticks are great. They provide moisture as well as some colour. What's great is that it comes in the shape of a crayon but yet, it needs no sharpening! I picked up Chunky Cherry (as bright hot pink).

Next to You. Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber, yes please! This song is on repeat for me. Don't hate on the Bieber or Chris Brown, this song is quite catchy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I want to be on vacation again

Would it be crazy to book another beach vacation? I know I have only been back a week but I want, excuse me, I need to be on a beach or poolside now. I honestly think 7 days is too short, 10 days should do the trick. Mike and I have some resorts in mind, all we have to do is find the time and money to go.

If you are not a follower of my other blog, Beach Junkies (my hubby and I jointly write posts for our travel blog), click here to read our review from our recent stay at Now Larimar.

Thankfully I will be off to Vegas in 18 days, I think. It will be stinking hot so hopefully I can chill out by the pool and then party all night.

What are your vacation plans for the summer?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asian Sensation: Las Vegas | my quirks

A while back when the girls and I decided to do this blogger meet up in Vegas, Kat did a post with all her quirks to warn us. I thought that all the girls should do a similar post. So here is mine.

Need to sleep with the light or TV on. Yes, I am afraid of the dark. I can't sleep in a pitch black room. This is a bad habit that I am trying to break. So far, I can sleep in my own room with the lights off and no TV on and it's only because I have street lights streaming in through my window.

I snore really loud when I am drunk or extremely tired (how attractive huh?). Mike has actually taped me snoring, it's ugly. But as of late, he claims that I am starting to mumble some type of demonic language in my sleep.

When I am drunk, I think I am Bravestar. At my friend's stagette, I bumped into a big, buff girl. I thought I could take her on. Thank goodness for Stfne, she dragged me away and took me outside. If she didn't do this, I would have gotten my a$$ kicked for sure!

I can't really go with the flow, I need some time of game plan. I work as a coordinator for my job, so of course, I need a schedule, some type of itinerary. It doesn't have to be followed exactly, I just need to have an idea of what is going on. Let's put it this way, when we go to all-inclusives, I have to map out our dinner schedule. I need to know what themed nights are happening at the buffet and I like to plan which a la carte restaurants we will eat at, even before we leave for our trip.

That's my list. I don't think that my quirks are that bad at all. Luckily for me, I am rooming with Maur. We have never traveled alone together - she came to my wedding in Punta Cana and we went to Montreal with 5 other people and shared a 2 bedroom B&B - but we have shared hotel rooms. She has also slept over at my place numerous when Mike is away. So, she knows my quirks best. I can recall a time she stayed over the Easter weekend. She came over Thursday night before Good Friday. We went grocery shopping and bought a whole bunch appetizers and just vegged out the whole night. Actually we played on our DS straight until the next day. I don't think we stopped playing until 10 pm at night. We did stop to watch a DVD. Anyway, my point is, Maur and I know each other's living styles so I am sure we will have no problem rooming in Vegas.

Check out Kat's quirks. So Elisse, Maureen, Steph and Reni - TAG, YOU'RE IT!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Some blogging tips...

Making your blog mobile friendly - This makes it so much easier to read blogs on mobile devices but you still have to option to view the full site, if you like.

Get rid of word verification for comments - I use to have this on my blog and I have to admit that it is kinda of annoying to do that extra step when I visit other blogs. Since I don't like it, I have removed it from my own blog. It's because of this extra step that maybe most of my comments don't go through because I forget to do the word verification.

More ways to view blogs - this sounds interesting but I have to check it out for myself.

Do you have any other blogging tips?

Fill in the Blank Friday

Finally, I am doing the Fill in the Blanks on FRIDAY! I am so glad it's Friday because then that means no work tomorrow. I am quite tired. Since my mom arrived, I have gone to sleep after midnight because we are too busy chatting. It's nice to have my mom around, not only has she been spoiling me with buying me groceries and an e-reader, she has also given me lots of hugs and tons of things to laugh about. She's here for a month but it's sure flying by.

I've got a busy weekend but I am wishing that I had some time to just veg out, watch Beastly (yes, I know it's a crappy movie but I read the book on vacation) and clean up the condo. We have got some friends coming over tonight and I'm sure they are going to think we live like slobs.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you have some time, join in and fill in the blanks over at Lauren's blog.
1. The last movie I saw was Fast Five in the theatre and Never Say Never on DVD. I liked both movies.
2. I want to start my weekend right now. I know I just came back from Punta Cana but I think I am still on vacation mode.  

3. Surprises are great when they are not expected but sometimes, they are not fun at all. You can ask my husband. For example: good - best friends surprise you when you are on vacation by arriving the day after you, bad - husband buys gift for you when you didn't buy him one.

4. The best accessory is bracelets and cocktail rings. They definitely add a new element to an otherwise drab outfit.

5. My favorite warm drink is Starbucks Toffee Nut Lactose-free Americano Misto. This was the drink my brother always ordered and when it's made wrong (like without the shot of flavour), it tastes like crap. 

6.  My favorite cold drink is beer.   

7. Currently loving Clinique Chubby Stick, Danza Kuduro by Don Omar & Lucenzo and Haribo Cola Gummies.

Monday, June 13, 2011

back from Now Larimar (Punta Cana)

Back from Punta Cana and as usual, we had a great time. This is our 6th time in Punta Cana so it feels like going home instead of being on vacation. This is also our second time at this resort, Now Larimar. When we went back in 2009 for Christmas, it was called NH Real Arena. Everything is basically the same, except it got re-branded. The food, I must say, is much better. I am going to save the review for our travel blog but I will be sure to link it up to my blog. For now, I will leave you with some photos.

Now Larimar, Punta Cana

View from our room

Anniversary dinner on the beach

Lobster dinner

Beautiful beach
On Macao beach
Hubby surfing

Again on Macao beach

Our own beach party with friends
My future home (lol!)

Now remember I said that Mike and I were going to do a little something special, well, we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday while we were in Punta Cana. Instead of renewing our vows, we trashed our wedding outfits. The resort photographer did an awesome job! Here's the little slideshow Mike put together. Enjoy!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday (on Saturday while I'm at work)

I am at work today, overseeing a program. So instead of actually doing work, I thought I should fill in the blanks. Thankfully, I am only here until 12:30 pm and then I will go home and finish up packing.  That's right, I leave for Punta Cana with Mike at 6:10  tomorrow morning. I hope it's sunny and hot there because I am not liking this rain at the moment.

I am toying with totally taking a blogging break next week. Sorry to my new readers (and also the long time faithful ones) but I didn't have time to schedule some posts for while I am gone. Who knows, if I can't sleep tonight, I might be able to pull some together. If not, I will see you in a week with lots of photos and stories from my trip. BTW - on Tuesday, I will be celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary with Mike. We have some ideas in mind of how we are going to celebrate it in Punta Cana but you will just have to wait until we return to see what exactly we did.

Have a lovely week and for now, I will leave you with my blanks from yesterday.

1. I love vacationing  because it is the only time I really get to relax. It gives me time to send with my husband, time to read and reflect. It's nice to not have to cook and just drink while sitting by the ocean.

2.  A time that mama knew best was when she said that I should never quit my job without having another lined up. Also, when I asked her if my hubby and I could live with her for a bit after we got married, she said, "No, it's time for you to leave and start your life with Mike". I am glad she did this even though it hurt my feelings.

3.  My first kiss went a little like happened in the school yard one day after school in grade six. It was more than just a peck on the lips. The funny thing about it, someone took a picture of it and actually gave it to me when I went to my grade eight reunion two years ago.

4.  My celebrity crush is Adam Levine. Sure, he has a girly voice but he's damn sexy with his rocker lifestyle and tattoos.

5.  My splurge of choice is handbags (or makeup). I will cheap out on clothes but not my makeup and bags. I'm just lucky that my hubby gets an awesome discount at Cole Haan and my BFF gets lots of beauty product promos for me to test out.

6.  My biggest accomplishment is getting married. As a child of divorced parents, I was too scared to tie the knot.

7.  My dance jam of choice is Party Rock Anthem. Well, it will be my dance jam for Vegas (along with If I was You (OMG)).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asian Sensation: Las Vegas | outfit styling

I have only been to Vegas once and I was with my husband for my mom's wedding. We didn't go clubbing so I didn't bring anything fancy to wear. I wore jeans and a t-shirt when we arrive and explored The Strip but it was a Wednesday night after midnight so it was dead. The next night I wore a tank top and jeans because I was going to a bar to meet my mom and all her friends. The next day was the wedding, I wore a dress and then Mike and I went to Koi. After I threw on another dress and Mike, my step-brother, his wife and another couple just went to a bar in Caesar's Palace. As you can see, there was no clubbing at all so no need for blingy dressing.

But this's an all-girls trip. We will be clubbing two nights in a row. I need to find myself some slutty dresses. Just kidding...not really. I need to find Vegas dresses. It's the one place where you can get away with sequin, leopard, bright colours but not all together. I have one outfit in my head already planned out, color-blocking dress and nude heels but what will I wear for the other night? Help someone?!?!?!? Maybe this would help me if it was more current, not from early last year.


So readers, I am asking you, if you have been to Vegas, share with me your most daring outfit. I need some inspiration before I start to shop. If you want to share a photo with me and everyone else, let me know and sent it to If I get some photos, I will share them on my blog. If you are too timid to share a photo, describe to me what you would wear to Vegas in a comment below.

UPDATE: I wrote this post a few weeks ago and since then, I have found three outfits for my nights in Sin City. I want to thank Mayra over at Life is Bananas for unintentionally providing me with inspiration. This girl has a wikked sense of style. It was this post that made we really think about what I should be wearing in Vegas.

Also my dear mom wrote a post about what she thinks I should wear in Vegas and I swear, I never told her that I was writing this post. It's like she read my mind.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

goodies from summer must haves swap

Back in April I joined, the Summer Must Haves swap over at After "I Do". Today I received my goodies. Thanks Maria at Life Long Book Passion for sending me the package. Here's what I got:

One of her favorite escape author's books, plus bookmarks to hold my spot

A note pad and pen for random thoughts

Postcards to drop a note to a friend


Thanks Krysten for organizing this swap and thanks to Maria for being an awesome swap partner and sending me some "summer must haves". This package came at the best time because today was the first day of real summer weather.