Saturday, June 18, 2011

Asian Sensation: Las Vegas | my quirks

A while back when the girls and I decided to do this blogger meet up in Vegas, Kat did a post with all her quirks to warn us. I thought that all the girls should do a similar post. So here is mine.

Need to sleep with the light or TV on. Yes, I am afraid of the dark. I can't sleep in a pitch black room. This is a bad habit that I am trying to break. So far, I can sleep in my own room with the lights off and no TV on and it's only because I have street lights streaming in through my window.

I snore really loud when I am drunk or extremely tired (how attractive huh?). Mike has actually taped me snoring, it's ugly. But as of late, he claims that I am starting to mumble some type of demonic language in my sleep.

When I am drunk, I think I am Bravestar. At my friend's stagette, I bumped into a big, buff girl. I thought I could take her on. Thank goodness for Stfne, she dragged me away and took me outside. If she didn't do this, I would have gotten my a$$ kicked for sure!

I can't really go with the flow, I need some time of game plan. I work as a coordinator for my job, so of course, I need a schedule, some type of itinerary. It doesn't have to be followed exactly, I just need to have an idea of what is going on. Let's put it this way, when we go to all-inclusives, I have to map out our dinner schedule. I need to know what themed nights are happening at the buffet and I like to plan which a la carte restaurants we will eat at, even before we leave for our trip.

That's my list. I don't think that my quirks are that bad at all. Luckily for me, I am rooming with Maur. We have never traveled alone together - she came to my wedding in Punta Cana and we went to Montreal with 5 other people and shared a 2 bedroom B&B - but we have shared hotel rooms. She has also slept over at my place numerous when Mike is away. So, she knows my quirks best. I can recall a time she stayed over the Easter weekend. She came over Thursday night before Good Friday. We went grocery shopping and bought a whole bunch appetizers and just vegged out the whole night. Actually we played on our DS straight until the next day. I don't think we stopped playing until 10 pm at night. We did stop to watch a DVD. Anyway, my point is, Maur and I know each other's living styles so I am sure we will have no problem rooming in Vegas.

Check out Kat's quirks. So Elisse, Maureen, Steph and Reni - TAG, YOU'RE IT!

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Kathy said...

you're quirks aren't bad at all. the bravestar thing would be hilarious. are you sure you're not from scarborough? BRRRAPP BRRRAPP!! haha :D

hey, i'm all about planning; i don't do well when i don't know what's going on (as you know lol!)