Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asian Sensation: Las Vegas | outfit styling

I have only been to Vegas once and I was with my husband for my mom's wedding. We didn't go clubbing so I didn't bring anything fancy to wear. I wore jeans and a t-shirt when we arrive and explored The Strip but it was a Wednesday night after midnight so it was dead. The next night I wore a tank top and jeans because I was going to a bar to meet my mom and all her friends. The next day was the wedding, I wore a dress and then Mike and I went to Koi. After I threw on another dress and Mike, my step-brother, his wife and another couple just went to a bar in Caesar's Palace. As you can see, there was no clubbing at all so no need for blingy dressing.

But this's an all-girls trip. We will be clubbing two nights in a row. I need to find myself some slutty dresses. Just kidding...not really. I need to find Vegas dresses. It's the one place where you can get away with sequin, leopard, bright colours but not all together. I have one outfit in my head already planned out, color-blocking dress and nude heels but what will I wear for the other night? Help someone?!?!?!? Maybe this would help me if it was more current, not from early last year.


So readers, I am asking you, if you have been to Vegas, share with me your most daring outfit. I need some inspiration before I start to shop. If you want to share a photo with me and everyone else, let me know and sent it to If I get some photos, I will share them on my blog. If you are too timid to share a photo, describe to me what you would wear to Vegas in a comment below.

UPDATE: I wrote this post a few weeks ago and since then, I have found three outfits for my nights in Sin City. I want to thank Mayra over at Life is Bananas for unintentionally providing me with inspiration. This girl has a wikked sense of style. It was this post that made we really think about what I should be wearing in Vegas.

Also my dear mom wrote a post about what she thinks I should wear in Vegas and I swear, I never told her that I was writing this post. It's like she read my mind.


Ann said...

You're going for the right look...
a little sparkle in VEgas is the right outfit to rock ♥

bananas. said...

i was just about to give you some vegas guidance with these simple words...glitter, glam, leopard, heels, sunnies and money...but you found your own way. good girl ;)


have so much fun!

No Guts, No Glory said...

I will see if I can send you some ideas... I think that if you ask yourself, "Would Kim Kardashian wear it?" and you answer yes, then it's a good choice.

No Guts, No Glory said...

BTW, which clubs are you going to?

Maureen said...

Oh god. I really need to go shopping!

Maureen said...

hey! what's your third outfit??