Saturday, June 25, 2011

his & hers

I found this his and hers post over at the little things we do. Lauren and her husband, Craig are the cutest couple ever, if you follow her blog, you will see how much they are in love and so right for each other. Well, I somehow convinced my hubby to answer these questions too. Here our are answers...


biggest pet peeve: classless no tact people

most hated food: cupcakes

most despised type of music:  anything with no thought or substance behind it

chore to avoid: washing dishes

worst trend imaginable: euro tank tops for men, they look like an oversize bra

idea of the worst vacation:  staycation


biggest pet peeve: people who cut their nails in public

most hated food: celery

most depised type of music: country

chore to avoid: putting away dishes

worst trend imaginable: overalls (I would have to agree with Lauren)

idea of the worst vacation: backpacking through any country


Anonymous said...

omg mike hates cupcakes?! tell him we can no longer be friends and i'm defriending from twitter asap. kidding :p

Marz said...

I wish I hated cupcakes! ha

I see people cutting their nails at their desk at the workplace all the time and it drives me nuts!!

You know not all country music is awful :) I should send you a CD and try and change your mind haha

This was really cute!! You should do more of these with Mike :)

Lin said...

How in the world can anyone hate cupcakes? Wow, he's definitely unique haha.

I hate seeing people cut their nails in public, really grosses me out. I have to agree with Mike on the washing dishes thing, thank god for dishwashers! Celery isn't so bad as long as it's slathered in mayo in a potato salad ;)

Kasey Lynne said...

Cupcakes are your hubby's most HATED food?!?!?!! WHATTTTT?

Ewww people who cut their nails in public make me want to throw's SO disgusting.

I wouldn't ever want to backpack through any country either...HOTELS PLEASE!!!

Maureen said...

i hate people cutting their nails in public. last week, i saw someone cutting their nails right by the entrance of a Chapters. i guess he justified it by being outside, but it's still gross!

why does Mike hate cupcakes? and what's a staycation?