Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my guilty pleasures this week v2

What are you into this week? Is there anything you are obsessed with or lusting over or simply can't get enough of?

Kobo Touch Reader. I'm in love and I never thought I would be. I always said to my friends that I would never go over to the dark side and get an e-reader. But thanks to my wonderful mom, I am now a proud owner of a Kobo Touch. The two things that led me to getting this e-reader is that 1) my mom was going to buy it for me and 2) I just don't have more room in my bookshelf and I am on a reading streak. I tested it out today on my commute in and it's great. So far, I have three books loaded up on it - Divergent, Linger and Clockwork Angel - all young adult books.

Mismatched nails. Okay, I am too lazy to rotate the photo but I think you get the picture. I painted one nail on each hand a coral colour and the rest pink. It's tripping everyone out at work.  I honestly love both colours and couldn't decide which one to wear this week, so I combined them.

Cupid's cupcakes. My dad totally surprised Mike and I with a dozen mini cupcakes. How sweet of him to remember my obsession with cupcakes. He was quite proud of himself for finding this delicious cupcake shop in the heart of Oakville, near his house. In this dozen, it included flavours such as Red Velvet (classic southern light chocokate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting), Chocolate Chip Cuppie (chocolate chips stirred into calssic vanilla buttermilk cake, then topped with vanilla frosting and one more chocolate chip), 24-Carrot (classic moist carrot cake with crushed pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg, then topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting), Pucker Up (lemon yogurt cake with freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest with lemon frosting) and a Chef's Choice of Jamaican Me Crazy (vanilla cake with pineapple and mango pieces, topped with a tropical mango pomegranate frosting). I only wish he bought some chocolate cupcakes for me to try. I am definitely going back to Cupid's Cupcakes since it's got tons of flavours and a great price point.

Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wanted something light that I could fit in my purse. These little chubby sticks are great. They provide moisture as well as some colour. What's great is that it comes in the shape of a crayon but yet, it needs no sharpening! I picked up Chunky Cherry (as bright hot pink).

Next to You. Chris Brown featuring Justin Bieber, yes please! This song is on repeat for me. Don't hate on the Bieber or Chris Brown, this song is quite catchy.


Steph S C-O said...

Jay got a kobo touch as well! He loves it!!
Those cupcakes look yummy!!!

Lin said...

Cute nails!

Oh man...I need an e-reader so badly. I'm afraid I'd be buying and buying books like crazy though haha. Actually having to get up & drive to B&N stops me from spending tons of money cause I'm lazy haha.

Kasey Lynne said...

I fell in LOVE with that song as soon as I heard it for the first time a couple months ago when i bought the album. SOOOO good.

inHERshoes said...

clinique is my fave, you probably know that already :) i did mismatched nails, too, just today for my trip to L.A. it's blue (almost turquoise) and green (can't think of something for it, it's not too light, not too dark).

Sandy a la Mode said...

i love the look of mismatched nails! it's soo quirky and fun! and i think i could eat a cupcake a day... i love them!!

Nikolett said...

Oooo your mismatched nails are HOT! (Is it weird to call nails 'hot'? They've got the moves like jagger, for real LOL). And ahh I always stare at my mom's e-reader in envy now, it looks like such an easy way to get through books (right now I'm re-reading the 7th Harry Potter and it's so heavy to lug around!). Right now I'm lusting over that Maroon 5 song :D

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I can't help it, Chris Brown songs ARE catchy! I know women "are not supposed to be a fan" because of the whole Rhianna thing, but I can't help it!

Maureen said...

oooh great song! i'm not gonna lie, i really like Chris Brown's new album.

so which cupcake out of those are your fave? maybe we should stop by the cupcake shop next week? i would be all over that chocolate chip cuppie! i've always wanted a cupcake with that has chocolate chips in a vanilla cake, but have never found it.