Monday, June 27, 2011

My weekend (Jun 24-26)

My weekend didn't turn out as I thought it would. I took Friday off last minute to spend some time with my mom but the weather was crap and we didn't know if it was going to rain so we just chilled in the condo. I had this random urgent to re-arrange the bedroom so now it looks much more spacious with lots of light coming in through our floor to ceiling windows. Later at night, we went to Mike's parent's house to play with the ever-so-cute and playful Hannah while my mom caught up with my mother-in-law. Saturday, my spa day with Maureen got canceled so we just went for bubble tea to talk about Vegas (we are roomies) and Maureen came over to catch up with my mom. Sunday, since my mom was golfing the whole day, Mike and I went back to Brampton, again to play with the kids. Everyone left to go do something so Mike and I were left with Belle. Boy, did we ever have fun. We learned how to sing the alphabet in a new soulful way. Belle and I braided each other's hair and did each other's makeup (sorry, Michael but we did wipe it off right away). It was really nice to spend some time with Belle. I love it when she is not cranky and just wants to enjoy some time with Uncle Mick and Tita Leesh. Blake was finally comfortable with me and Mike, although I experienced the wrath of Blake and his scary cut-eye. Later on that night, I decided to paint bright colours on my nails. It didn't turn out so well. Here's some photos from the weekend:

I just love Hannah's chubby cheeks.

Too much makeup with Belle.

The two sensitive boys - Uncle Mick and Blakey.
mom with new haircut (I got crap from her for posting the other photo)

Yellow toes and orange & purple nails. Eww, gross! My toes look like fingers. Never again will I use yellow nail polish.

Hooray that this week is a short one. I am off on Wednesday and Friday is a holiday. We have got lots of stuff to do on the weekend so I have to find some time to pack. I can't believe Vegas is in 11 days!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Eek I'd be so excited for Vegas! So fun!

Steph S C-O said...

Hansy looks like a little boy. Haha. Glad we were able to spend some time with you guys!!! This Friday again!!! :)

Lin said...

omg Hannah is the most adorable baby evah...I want to squeeze thos cheeks!

Your mom is a totall cougar, love her hair ;)

Maureen said...

Hannah is sooooo cute!!!