Friday, June 17, 2011

Some blogging tips...

Making your blog mobile friendly - This makes it so much easier to read blogs on mobile devices but you still have to option to view the full site, if you like.

Get rid of word verification for comments - I use to have this on my blog and I have to admit that it is kinda of annoying to do that extra step when I visit other blogs. Since I don't like it, I have removed it from my own blog. It's because of this extra step that maybe most of my comments don't go through because I forget to do the word verification.

More ways to view blogs - this sounds interesting but I have to check it out for myself.

Do you have any other blogging tips?


inHERshoes said...

uumm, hello ... i didn't know about this more ways to view blogs. you know how i like to change up mine. i guess this is why in some ways, i prefer tumblr's interface because they have waayyy too many themes and different ways to view blogs. thanks for the tip. i'm gonna investigate this ways to view blogs :)

hope you are enjoying your mom's visit!

Lin said...

I'm totally diggin the first 2 but gonna have to check on the 3rd one cause I dont know if I'd be into it.

Also, I feel I should tell you guys that since the mobile friendly thing is still in beta testing, it doesnt work for all blogs (like mine *sad face*). I guess it depends on the type of layout you have & if you have a customized layout that you paid for there is a chance it may not work, yet.

jessica said...

yes, i hate the dreaded word verification!! lol