Wednesday, July 6, 2011

everyone jump in the pool

We are lucky enough to have friends who have a gorgeous pool. They invited over the day after Canada Day to go for a swim and a BBQ. Jes and Richie invited all of the BC Crew but only half of us could make it. Of course, Mike and I who live the close to an hour away were the first to arrive. We were welcomed with lots of hugs from their three little boys. There are barely any photos of the adults and I forgot to take photos of all the delicious food we ate.

We see the whole crew probably twice a year, once at Christmas and once on Mr. Dee's birthday in July. If we are lucky, we get to each other at a summer BBQ or a birthday party of one of the kids. After spending the day in the pool, we said that this is what it would be like if we did a 10 year Cancun reunion with the kids. (btw, the 10 year passed last year, we should have gone May 2010). We had some good laughs, good eats and it was just nice to catch up with everyone.

Our host Jes and her oldest son, R1

Tito Mike pulling L and A

Shallow end of the pool

Mike being bombarded by the kids and their pool toys

Our other host Richie and their youngest, R3

My fearless godson jumping into the pool

My godson taking the Nestea plunge

What a day! It took me about 5 hours until I went into the pool. After everyone ate dinner is when I finally decided to go in. Some of the kids went back in but it quickly got cold. We were hoping to go for a night swim but it didn't get dark until 10 pm. And crap, I forgot to take a picture of their pool all lit up (and you know how I adore lit pools).

P.S. It's a saltwater pool!!!!


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome. if it's one thing M's parents wish is that they kept their pool for all the girls. we go over every sunday for dinner and when they play in the backyard, we all sort of wish the pool was still there.

i can't believe richie has 3 kids! and what a great backyard/pool! looks like you all had a great time.

Lin said...

How fun, I wish I had a pool!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow a saltwater pool huh? The only saltwater pools I've been in have been on cruises!