Thursday, July 7, 2011

i miss my mom

me and my mom at Monterey Bay Aquarium

My mom left to move to California 10 months ago. I was sad when she left but then I got use to her not being around. Of course, she would call or email me almost every other day and I had the pleasure of visitng her in November. Now from June 7 to July 5, she came here to visit me and the hubby and her 10 million friends. She was able to squeeze short trips to Ottawa, London, Niagara and Stratford (yup, she was looking for Justin because she too has Bieber fever), as well as spend some time with my brother's friends. I took three days off work and spent any free moment she had to hang out with her .

My mom is a busy-body, like every other mom, she can't sit still. If she wasn't with her friends having lunch, playing golf or tennis while she was here, she would be cleaning my condo, doing our laundry, ironing, cooking, basically all of our chores. She treated me and Mike to every meal we went out to eat, she bought us groceries, she bought me a Kobo Touch. She even gave me lots of money to take on my trip to Vegas. On her last day while she was at our condo waiting for her flight, she was trying to make our bed and got so frustrated with our duvet. She walked with my stepdad to the mall and bought us a new duvet and boy is it ever comfy!

It was really nice to be treated like a kid again and be taken care of by my mom. And I'm not gonna lie, I milked all of it but now I am paying the consequences because I don't want to cook or clean. She spoiled us and now we are suffering. I don't want you to think I miss my mom because of all the things she did or bought for us. I miss her because she's kinda funny (she's quirky like me) and we always have a good time with her (and my stepdad). Talking on the phone with her and emailing is just not the same. It was good to see her in person and even hug her at random times.

I hope that I get to see her again this year, maybe I will (or Mike and I will) visit her in California around Christmas time. I know if anything, she may be back again next year for another visit but I have a secret way to get her to come sooner if I need to see her - I'll just book my eye surgery so it will force her to come and take care of me.

Does your mom live far from you? If so, how often to you visit each other?


Lauryn said...

Your mom sounds like an absolute sweetheart! I can't imagine how hard it must be to live far apart. I'm only a few towns away from my mom and I miss her sometimes. We're lucky to have such close relationships with them. I hope you get to see her again soon!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

You Mom sounds like a wonderful person! My Mom is a busy bee too..but she literally lives right down te street so I see her quite a bit..comes in handy when I need a sitter.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw she sounds like a wonderful lady. It must be hard to be away from her but it sounds like you at least stay in good contact!

Lin said...

Aw, you guys are so adorable. I'm sorry your missing your mom hon *hugs*.

And, my mom lives near me...actually a little closer than I'd ever hoped for haha.

inHERshoes said...

my mom is the same way! she pours juice for me, washes the dishes ... i mean everything when i come home to visit! i'm coming back to cali for xmas, just like i did last year. she's already stoked! i'm super close to my mom, just like you are to her! cheers to awesome mother-daughter relationships! i know not everyone has what we have with our moms!

Belly B said...

That is so sweet. Your mum sounds absolutely wonderful :)

<3 Belly B

Tanya said...

Your mom sounds sweet :)

I live far away from mine too. As soon as I graduated university, I moved away to Seattle (I lived in Toronto before that), so now I see my parents once or twice a year, which really sucks. It's true what they say - you don't know what you have till it's gone!

Marz said...

Your mom sounds like the typical Filipina mom :) Can you believe I still bring over my delicates and my mom will hand wash my nice work clothes for me? She cooks lunch for me everyday and it's so nice to have that hour break from work to come over to my parent's house and eat a homecooked meal instead of going out to eat on my lunch hour. I loved reading all about the ways your mom takes care of you. Through her blog I feel like I have gotten to know her and she is one amazing and fun lady! :)

Micaela said...

can your mom come over and take care of me? ;) she's soooo cute!!! i miss my mom SOOO MUCH!!! it's so hard living in the same state but 10 hours away. I'm SO EXCITED to be seeing her in less than 2 weeks for my little sister's wedding!!!!