Thursday, July 14, 2011

shattered nails

Before going to Las Vegas, Maureen and I had a mani/pedi date at LV Nail Spa. How fitting that we are going to LV and getting our nails done at LV. I wanted to do something Vegas inspired but I always wanted to try doing the Shatter on my nails. After trying out many colour combos (pink with black shatter, pink with purple shatter, pink with white shatter and white with pink shatter), I finally settled with gold with black shatter and boy did it ever look awesome!


As pleased as I was with my nails, with two top coats, it didn't last very long. By Friday night, it was already peeling off but luckily with the shattered look, it wasn't that noticeable. I will definitely do this look again!

p.s. Vegas post coming soon. I'm just too lazy to type it out but I will get to it, hopefully on the weekend. By the way, Las Vegas with the girls was awesome!!!!


inHERshoes said...

the shatter look is perfect for us women who cannot stand chipped nail polish! i dig the black and gold, too! black and silver would be nice, too!

Micaela said...

i LOVE your nails!!! and i know what you mean-- it's less noticeable for sure when it starts peeling ;) i did a deliciously dark color (like black/plum) with gold shatter over it.

i can't wait to hear about vegas! :)