Monday, July 18, 2011

Vegas, you ROCKED my world

One of my 34 things to do while I am 34 is to go to Las Vegas with a bunch of girls. Not only was this a trip to cross off my list, it was a chance to meet two fellow bloggers and celebrate the birthdays of two lovely ladies. I have been to Vegas before with my hubby for my mom's wedding but this trip was totally different. I was trashed on the first night at Tao, running on 24 hours straight with no rest. I then slept until the afternoon and missed going outlet shopping with the other girls. My mom surprised me with two bottles of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to share with the girls. I sat at dinner at Koi on Saturday night unable to eat anything so I barely drank anything later at Marquee. But then after Coke and a slice of pizza at 2:30 am, I got a second wind and danced until my feet could dance no more. I slept for 45 minutes that night, or should I say that morning. I had a huge rush of adrenaline I could not contain. The whole trip was capped off with the Jabbawockeez show and a celebrity (in my eyes) sighting, along with a photo for proof. It was a whirlwind weekend, something that will go down in my books and the only thing I have left to say...when are we going to Vegas next???

SUV Limo cuz that's how we roll. Kidding. Elisse negotiated a really cheap rate on the spot.

I didn't get my beignets but these mini donuts will do.

First photo of the group taken on the way to Fashion Show mall.

Deer in headlights at Tao.


Anthony, the birthday boy. He turned 23, what a little baby.

The guy on my left with the glasses, Brian from the O.C...he bought a shot for me and Maur and is the sweetest guy I met in Vegas.

Love the 'fro.

Toronto boys who we saw at the airport but didn't talk to until we ran into them at Tao. (At the airport I overheard them talking about going to Tao. I could have hijacked their conversation but I didn't want to be that girl)

Damn that birthday boy ruining our pic.

Hungover the next day. I'm surprised I made it outside to walk around with Maur.

My mom is the sweetest. She sent over some champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for me to share with the girls.

Drinks at Koi. Even though I was feeling sick and didn't eat dinner, I still managed to drink my drink.

On the way to Marquee. Birthday girls are in pink.

Not drunk yet.

We ran with Brian from the O.C. again at Marquee. What are the odds?

Maur and I with Greg. He got us into Marquee and also gave me my second wind of the night by buying pizza and soda at 2:30 in the morning.

Outdoor pool at Marquee.

Almost drunk, well I think miss vodka_and_soda is drunk.

At the TI pool.

Jabbawockeez Müs.I.C at Monte Carlo

The show was awesome. It's a must in Vegas.

Highlight of Vegas for me - meeting D-Trix (From Quest Crew and So You Think You Can Dance) and Lauren (last season's SYTYCD winner). I saw on Twitter that D-Trix was going to take Lauren to see Jabbawockeez so I tried to look for them throughout the show. When the show was over, Maur and I maneuvered out way around the back and quickly snapped a photo with them before security caught us.

Sad to leave Sin City
It was a great weekend. I am shocked that we pulled off this mini blogger meet up to celebrate Reni and Maureen's 3?th birthday. I had an awesome time ladies. Maur - you are an awesome roomie and you will forever be my partner-in-crime, we always have fun no matter what. Kat - you are a shopping machine. I'm glad we asked you to be part of this meet up and that you jumped at the chance to party in Vegas (there was no need to twist your arm). You are hilarious Miss vodka_and_soda! Steph - I can't believe you caved in doing you know what but we are in Vegas, and what happens in Vegas, stay in are a super jackpot party queen, too bad you didn't start playing the slots earlier in our trip, you could have partied and become a millionaire (with pennies). Reni & Elisse - it was such a pleasure to finally meet you two but when we saw you at the airport running and screaming, it's like we were seeing old college friends. Doesn't it feel like we have been friends for ages? You guys are awesome and I am so thankful we pulled this blogger meet up together. Hopefully I will be able to make it out to Portland  and Vancouver soon.

That wraps up AS 2011. It was fun while it lasted but it's back to the real world.


Kathy said...

VEGAS TOTALLY ROCKED! i loved every minute of it and was so glad that we were able to pull this off.

btw, i was already drunk in every club picture you posted *hangs head in shame*

cranberryportage said...

You have to do it again next year.
As I told Maureen, do it yearly like a reunion. Every year will be different as there are so many new things each year that comes up. Staying the same hotel is more fun. Maybe some of the other bloggers will join up after reading how much fun you had.

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a crazy trip! It's cool that you got to meet Elisse too. She's such a sweetheart, that one.

The Girlie Blog said...

Wow! You girls certainly look like you had fun! Good for you!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw I love these pictures! You ladies sure lived it up! And your mom is amazing - that's so nice of her to send the treats to you ladies!

Glad you had a blast :)

deesolsarmi said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wasn't it the life you wish you lived everyday but not really?!?! LOL

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love Vegas. I went there just March of this year. I had a total blast. I went to Marquee too it was fun. Did you get to go to Club Surrender? That place is awesome. =)

Maureen said...

AS2012 in MIAMI BABY!!!!

Elisse said...

I had such a blast in Vegas!!! Can't wait for our trip next year!

Marz said...

I LOVE all the pictures!!! You girls are so beautiful :) It makes me so happy to see bloggers meet up in "real life." It always confirms the fact that this blogging world is "real" and the friendships we make are amazing. Looking at these photos makes me so jealous that I wasn't a part of this trip. I definitely want in next year :) Your mom is such a sweetheart. That's so nice of her to treat you girls, so thoughtful! I know how much you love Quest Crew and SYTYCD so I'm so excited you got to meet D-Trix and Lauren :) You look gorgeous Leesh! I'm glad the Asian Sensations did Vegas right :)