Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August confessions

I'm addicted to Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

I'm embarrassed to be in a bikini in front of my friends so when we went to our friend's pool party, once I got in the pool, I stayed in the pool.

I'm obsessed with Ryan Gosling after seeing him in Crazy, Stupid, Love. If you haven't seen the movie, GO NOW!

Someone is driving me crazy. This person is mental and has no common sense, compassion or any understanding of how to be a decent person.

I didn't workout once this month but I still did short, quick exercises while watching TV. I also did a lot of walking.

I've relied on coffee one too many times this month.

I'm excited Chad Michael Murray is coming back to One Tree Hill for guest appearances in season 9. Looks like I'm not yet crossing this show off my list.

Dancing in the aisle at Bouclair with my husband puts a smile on my face. I regret though not Shazam-ing the song we were dancing to.

Very jealous of Lil Wayne's tight leopard print pants and Bieber's combo of red skinny jeans and leopard shoes.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10 Day You Challenge - 6 places

  1. Punta Cana. It's my home away from home. Love the culture, people, food and especially the beaches. After going here six times, it begins to feel like we just belong in Punta Cana. My hubby and I dream about living there. We consistently look at homes near the beach.
  2. San Jose/San Francisco. My mom and stepdad live in San Jose and my favorite cousin (we are the same age) live in this area of California. I don't get to visit that often but when I do, it's always a ton of fun. There is still so much I want to explore in both cities.
  3. Ponce Pool. My dear friends, Jes and Richie bought a beautiful house last year that has an in ground pool in their backyard. I've only been there twice this summer but it's my new favorite place to hang out now in the summertime.
  4. DD Cottage. My hubby's best friend and his GF are like our only couple friends who don't have kids. So when they invite us over, they normally kidnap us and hold us captive for the entire weekend. We drink delicious sangria and watch movies until we fall asleep on the couch. We eat lots of good food and just always have a good time. Most of the time us girls go out shopping and leave the boys to watch their stupid horror movies.
  5. Las Vegas. I love this city and it's mainly because I feel like a carefree person when I am there. I want to go back again soon because it's like the good old days, plus, I can actually party until the wee hours of the night. I know that they say three nights is enough but I honestly could have used one more day and night when I was there in July.
  6. Jamaica. I won't lie, for years, I was terrified of going to Jamaica and it wasn't until two other couple decided to go on vacation with us but we all wanted to go somewhere where most of us haven't been too. So we went and guess what, I LOVED IT. The food, the people and the island time of life in general. I felt that I really got to relax because everyone moved at such a slow pace. I need to go back. Stat.
Top: Punta Cana and Las Vegas, Bottom: Jamaica and San Francisco

    Friday, August 26, 2011

    Happy 30th birthday Gino!

    Today, Gino would have been 30. It's still such a tragedy that my brother decided he could not live on this earth anymore. He was so young with so much still ahead of him to live for. The last birthday I spent with him was his champagne birthday, on August 26, 2007 for his 26th birthday. 10 months later he passed away. I am glad that I will always have the memory that I got the chance to spend his last birthday with him. He was in the company of great friends and I know that he had a good time. I only wish that I had spent many more birthdays with him. I also remember him asking Mike and I to come out to Afterlife (a club downtown) to celebrate one of his birthday, maybe it was 23 or some young age. I am pretty sure if Gino was alive today, he would be spending it in Vegas with his friends. I know he has always wanted to go and I'm pretty sure most of his friends haven't been themselves.

    So to my brother, wherever you are, Happy Birthday!!! I will celebrate in your usual style with your friends this evening. Since you left, they have somewhat designated me to always bring the jello shots. I guess they wanted me to take over your job.

    I don't have many photos with my brother. This was taken at my wedding. I do remember that someone at his party for his champagne birthday took a couple of photos of us. Sadly, she never sent them to me =(

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    CNE 2011

    On my day off today, I went to the Canadian National Exhibition. I try to go once a year but last year, I am pretty sure Mike and I didn't go because we were in Jamaica. Anyway, I got my admission pass through Air Miles and off I went on the GO Train to the EX. Oh ya, I went by myself...

    I didn't think I would be there that long considering I'm by myself, I had no one to share food with and no one to drag me to certain attractions but I was there for four hours. Kinda shocked me! I did go to the Food building, the Arts & Crafts building, the Home and International Pavilion. I also watched the 2:00 pm show of Beyond Broadway: Aerial Acrobatics & Ice Skating Show. All in all, I had fun just walking around. I talked to a lot of vendors (the pierogi lady shared her secret recipe for her cabbage rolls and her butter sauce for the pierogis) and I also got compliments on my outfit and sunglasses (hey, it totally made my day).

    I am getting use to doing things alone (and not waiting to find someone to go with me), first going to the movies, then CNE, next step is to have dinner on my own. Anyway, here are a few photos from my day. I didn't snap a picture of the three dozen Tiny Tom donuts I bought before I left CNE. Let me just tell you that Cinnamon is my favorite. Also, if you want to know, the Deep Fried Oreo was yummy and my favorite of this year. Two years ago, it was Taco in a Bag.

    Food building.  Love the animal print foot massage things but I would never use them.
    Deep fried Oreo. Go to the booth on the grounds besides Strikers, they sell for $2. The booth at the food building sells it for $5.
    with chocolate sauce and icing sugar
    yummy goodness
    I found the place that sells deep fried mac and cheese
    a little too much for me. I only ate one
    sand sculptures - this was the most interesting one
    Singing, aerial acrobatics and ice skating
    this game freaks me out!
    If I was good at games, I would want to win this for Mike
    waiting to take the train home before it rains

    Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Rooting for a football team

    After reading some recent posts from Chick 101 - Football for Girls, I decided I need to find a team to follow. I could choose a team that fellow bloggers are a fan of, or choose one that Mr. Dee or SFT or my cousin likes. I could root for the Jets who is a favorite of my father-in-law and brother-in-law but what fun would that be at their house if we are all cheering for the same team? I could also use this guide to help me decide:

    Click to enlarge {via}

    So, the reason I have to pick a team to root for soon is because my mom is going to pick me up a t-shirt (the jersey is too much $$) from Victoria Secrets (so what, I think their stuff is cute) of the team of my choice. BUT I have to tell her by Friday. Oh the pressure!!! So readers, help me decide. What team should I root for?

    This collage has a few of the shirts/jerseys I like. Mr. Dee and SFT's team is included in the collage, along with my cousin's team and two other teams that fellow bloggers are fans of. The others, well, I just like them because of the colour combos (such a chick thing to say).

    Who is your favorite team and why do you like them?

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    3rd annual tea trade at Gussying Up the Tuttle

    Last year I signed up for Gussying Up the Tuttle's tea trade and it's that time of year for her 3rd annual Tea Trade. I received a lovely package from Chelsea B last year, the tea she sent me was delicious.

    So, if you are a tea lover, don't forget to sign up before September 15.

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    Monday Memories: Bedtime and pager greeting

    Do you remember back in the day when you had a pager? Did you ever ask someone to do your pager greeting? When Mike and I first started dating, I would always ask him to do my pager greeting, more specifically, I would ask him to sing Bedtime by Usher.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    4 year blogiversary!!!

    {via weheartit}

    That's right, I have been blogging for four years now. It probably wasn't only until maybe late 2009 that I actually started to receive comments and have followers/readers. I never intended to have readers, I mainly started this blog as an online journal, now four years later through my blog, I have met bloggers in real life, found a way to keep my mom in the loop of what's going on in my life, express my sadness when my brother passed away and won plenty of giveaways. It's really just fun  to be part of the blogging community. People who don't blog, don't understand or get how you can have blogger friends. I don't ever feel the need to explain to them because if you are a blogger, you know what's it's like to be accepted by a wonderful group, especially at times you don't feel like you fit in with your friends or just seem a little lost in life. My followers are a great bunch who support and care for me as if I were their family and because of them, I am truly grateful.

    I didn't want to make a big deal of today. I thought about doing a giveaway, some posts leading up to my four year blogiversary but instead I thought it would be nice to just reflect on what I have written about since August 21, 2007. I'm going to share with you some posts throughout the years.

    My first three posts on August 21, 2007:

    Asides from a giveaway post, the post with the most comments (June 13, 2011):

    Series I started:

    Hardest post to write (July 29, 2009):

    Surprisingly, the post with the most amount of page views:

    My first blogger meet up (July 8-11, 2011):

    My first tweet up dinner (August 6, 2010):

    Some random facts about me:

    So there you have it, a little blast from my past blogging. I'll leave now saying that if you have been following my blog for some time now - Thank you with a big hug and I hope you continue to follow me and my life's escapades. If you are new to my blog, I hope you find something interesting about this blog and keep coming back.

    p.s. when I told my husband that today was my 4 year blogiversary, he laughed at me!

    Friday, August 19, 2011

    me time

    This is my third day off this week. I had Monday, yesterday and now today off. As much I would have love to be away, I am broke and can't afford to go on a short trip to a city or even to Mexico with my sister-in-law and her family. I had opportunities to accompany a friend to her work site visits across Ontario but my days off don't coincide with the days she is going on these site visits. So I'm stuck in my city, in my condo, but hey, I don't mind. I am well-rested. Here's what I did this week:

    *I watched Red Riding Hood, some old episodes of Entourage, Friday Night Lights, Sons of Anarchy and Lipstick Jungle and today, I am going to the theatre to watch One Day. I am not sure if I mentioned it but I didn't enjoy reading One Day so I am going to check out the movie to see if it's better.

    *On Tuesday after work, I got to spend some time with my BFF, Stephanie. I love that her studio is downtown because I get to see her more often than before. We have been friends since 1998 and from 2002-2004 we worked at the same firm and even sat right next to each other. When she moved to Ajax, we saw each other less frequently but it didn't put a damper on our friendship. I met her at her studio and she took me to Blushberry so I could finally try their frozen yogurt I kept reading about on Twitter. I opted to not be so daring since it's my first time. I got chocolate froyo with Cap'n Crunch and Stephanie also got chocolate froyo with walnuts. I can't wait to go back and try their fruit snow and different combination with the froyo and toppings. I have to admit, their chocolate froyo is much better than Pinkberry's, which is super chocolatey.

    Queen St. and John St.
    Chocolate froyo goodness

    *Last night I painted my nails. This week I was smart to give my nails a rest not only because I have been painting them constantly but also because I had lots of filing to do at work. This week's inspiration is from Lindsay over at Something Fancy. I love the polish with glitter tips look. While Lindsay went with khaki and gold, I went with butterLondon's Tea with the Queen and Sephora by OPI's Traffic-Stopper Copper.

    the glitter looks gold in this photo but it's really a rose gold

    *So with the NFL starting back up again, I had to confirm with my secret football tutor (let's call him SFT from now on) when the season will start. He told me that pre-season games have started as of August 12, looks like I am going to have to re-read my favorite Football for Chicks blog and get all the terminology right. I am by no means a sports fanatic. There's a lot I don't know and I usually end up asking a lot of dumb questions. Thankfully SFT and Mr. Dee are very patient and take the time to explain things like the rules and players to me.

    It's time for me to get ready and start off my day. Hope everyone has a nice weekend whatever you are doing. I can't believe that there are only a couple of weekends left before September hits. Where the heck did summer go?

    p.s. I had Popeye's chicken on Wednesday night. I normally don't eat crap like that but let me tell you how delicious it was, especially when I dipped the chicken in their hot Louisiana sauce.

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    top 3 underrated tv shows

    Sometimes you get so involved with a show and wonder if there are other people out there who watch the same show because it doesn't seem as popular with the lack of advertising. Here are three shows that I think are or were underrated:

    Sons of Anarchy.

    I first heard about Sons of Anarchy through Joel Madden's twitter. He raved about this show and I had no idea what it was. Then my hubby found a couple episodes from the first season and we were hooked. So hooked we watched the whole season in one weekend. I think most people who we recommend the show to, end up doing the same thing. Who would have thought that we would get addicted to a show about a motorcycle gang? But SAMCRO is a bad-ass gang who no one should ever test. If you mess with them, they will f*ck you up! The show follows Jax Teller and the rest of the guys from the biker club. Jax may be the sexiest biker but I do like Opie and Juice. Tigs is pretty hilarious and Gemma, well, Gemma is Gemma and thank god Katey Sagal won an Golden Globe for her character. Season Four starts this September and luckily for us Canadians, we are getting FX in November so we can keep up with the show. I think that it's underrated here in Canada and so unknown because we don't even get the darn channel. Well, it's all about to change.

    Friday Night Lights.

    Five seasons in, the best damn show ever and they cancel it, well, ended it. I can't remember what network it was originally on but after almost canceling it, DirecTV bought it. And then NBC would show it after the current season airs. Again, I found the first season and spent one weekend plowing through it. My hubby got addicted too so we spent many nights watching a few episodes before going bed. We even brought season three with us to Cuba in 2009 and watched the whole boxed set every night when we got back to our room. Friday Night Lights is based on the movie with the same title. It follows the Dillon Panthers and the people in the town of Dillon. Yes, it's a football show. I have this thing for football movies and shows and ironically, I don't know a thing about the sport. I only started to watch the NFL this year before Super Bowl. Anyway, Coach Taylor is my favorite character and I love his relationship with his wife, Tami and his daughter Julie. There's also some serious eye candy on the show through the five season - Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Luke Cafferty, etc...This show has taught me a lot about football and relationships so I was pretty upset to hear when they were going to end it after season five. I will say they tastefully ended the series and gave full closure to all story lines. From what I hear, they may be making a movie with my beloved Coach Taylor and Tami and of course, I will go and watch it. I wish more people, including myself watched FNL when it was actually on TV during the first season, maybe they would have had more seasons but the problem is, high school TV shows can't go on forever unless you continue in college (like Beverly Hills, 90210) or you can fast forward a couple of years but then it just ends up not making any sense and drags on forever (like One Tree Hill). Even though I would have liked more seasons, it ended on a high note and with perfect timing.

     Lipstick Jungle.

    We only had a season and a half with Wendy, Nico and Victory. We got to enjoy gorgeous fashion, an intense relationship with Nico and Kirby (Robert Buckley) and the backdrop of New York. This show came at the perfect time...Sex and the City just ended and although we all knew nothing could ever replace Carrie and the girls, I feel Lipstick Jungle could have come close. At least Lipstick Jungle had a longer shelf life than Cashmere Mafia. I can recall the network wanting to cancel and people were actually petitioning it. I just don't know why they didn't continue filming. I loved seeing Lindsay Price each week, this woman is a beauty and I loved how she portrayed a fashion designer. All the woman played strong powerful working woman roles and that's what I loved about the show. I honestly wish this show went on but at least, I will always have the first season and half of season two to watch over and over again.

    What are your underrated TV shows?

    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    10 Day You Challenge - 7 wants

    I thought I would skip the obvious, world peace, win the lottery, look gorgeous, be taller,'s what I want right now.
    1. Beach house in Punta Cana. I heart Punta Cana. My hubby and I would like to live there one day. I am already eyeing the house that I want to live in when we move there. Wouldn't it be great to live right on the beach?
    2. Debt-free. I am tired of credit card debt. The mortgage I can handle but I need to smarten up on my wild spending and concentrate on getting rid of my debt so I can move to Punta Cana.
    3. LED TV and couch.We have had the same couch and TV since we moved into our condo in 2006. The couch is worn out and getting uncomfortable. The TV has a huge shadow on the left side of the screen. Damn you Samsung!
    4. Another vacation. Yeah, yeah, I know I just came back from Vegas and went to Cuba in April and Dominican Republic in June but I so could use another vacation right now. Am I being greedy and selfish? Heck yes!
    5. Lose five pounds. I know I am skinny (more like my limbs are skinny but I have a muffin top), well, more like skinny fat but honestly, if I just lose five more pounds, my clothes will fit better. I hate being stuck in between sizes. If I start to work out again, I can get into the shape and weight I want. I'm just lazy.
    6. New iPhone. Maybe the iPhone 5 when it comes out. It's either I stick with my 3Gs and get a compact digital camera that's tiny and can fit in my bag or get a new iPhone. I am tired of crappy pictures for my blog.
    7. My brother alive and with us. I would give up all the other things I just said to have my brother here today. He was gone too soon and I would give anything to see him again.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Beauty Board: Summer Loving

    BlushPretty, the most awesome makeup artist in the GTA and also my fabulous BFF had her 5th Beauty Board this past Sunday. If you are unfamiliar with Beauty Board 1) you are missing out and 2) you can check out some of my other Beauty Board posts herehere, here and here. This fun event is definitely for the beauty junkie, not only can you test of some great products that are hot on the market, you get to network, listen to great tunes, eat delicious food, sip on cocktails and leave with an amazing swag bag. Check out all the goodies I received (okay, some of the things in the photo I bought - Cheeky Monkey nail polish and Consonant Body face wash - and some I won from buying raffle tickets).

    my goodies

    Now after all the testing and reviewing, I got the chance to shop around and also meet a couple of bloggers/tweeters.  I forgot to bring my camera, so I was stuck taking crappy photos with my ghetto iPhone.

    Stella & Dot
    Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics
    Revolution Organic
    Consonant Body

    I really like the networking aspect of Beauty Board, after all, we know that all ladies attending this event have something in common - we all LOVE beauty products. Two of my favorite companies, Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics and Consonant Body were both on hand and ready for questions. Andrea from Cheeky Monkey rocked the board with her tape to try on polishes. I am sure everyone in the room left with purchasing at least two bottles and Kristina at Consonant Body had some awesome deals going on with their products. So, of course, I had to stockpiles with the deals they were offering up at Beauty Board. Who could go wrong with $10 nail polishes and organic foaming face wash.

    Other companies at the event, Vasanti, CoverGirl, Dalish Cosmetics, Revolution Organic, Avon|Mark, Stella & Dot and Featherbands. Check out BlushPretty's site in the next couple of day, I am sure she will have a full report on her successful event.

    I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Elaine from Toronto Beauty Reviews, Donna from Makeup by Donna Marie and Keltie from chit chat, this and that.

    me, Keltie and Kat

    me and Maureen
    I had a great time and I want to thank Stephanie from BlushPretty again for putting on such a fantastic event. Also thanks to my partner-in-crime, Maureen who I went with to Beauty Board with and helped her win the scavenger hunt.  I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, we can't wait until the next one!!!

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    help me!!!!

    Does anyone know why my right sidebar is appearing on the bottom of my blog page? I check in Template Designer and I have it checked off to appear on the right. This boggles my mind. I just don't get it and I am using the most simple template. Maybe I need someone to design a new blog layout for me. Anyone up for a challenge? Or can anyone at least tell me why my blog template is acting up?

    UPDATE: I went to the Blogger Help Forum and found this answer and it seriously worked!

    "Open your last post in the editor and re-publish it. If this doesn't work open it, use the Edit HTML tab and add at the end of your post and re-publish your post"

    Foxy Originals

    Two weeks ago, my coworker told me that Foxy Originals was promoting a free shipping promo for three days. I jumped at the chance to order some new jewelry. I was going a little crazy ordering too many things because they were offering a cute blue jewelry roll if you spend $100 or more. I know that I really didn't need to be spending that much so I decided on two pieces - a ring and earrings. I placed my order on a Friday and by Thursday the following week, I received a great looking package at work. Talk about fast, FREE shipping.

    I love their packaging, it's so pretty. I choose the cubic earrings and sahara ring. I am in love with both pieces. I can't wait to go to their booth if they are at the One of a Kind Show again in December. I will for sure buy more because they have pretty good deals at the show.

    Friday, August 12, 2011

    i have blogger's block

    I no longer know what to write about anymore. On a recent blogger/twitter meet up, we discussed how we both don't know what to write about these days. At least I don't have to feel alone. With me, I find myself trying to follow a series (clearly I am not good at it because it's a 10 day series and I have only done three), posting about my nail polish and that's about it. I really don't know what I write about. So for today, I am going to attempt to just write about what I have been up to...

    Giuliana and Bill. They are such a cute couple. Their show came on last Sunday night. It seemed interesting and it looks like I will have something to watch now on Sundays. But I just found out, E! Channel is airing Season One even though the show is already on Season Four, WTF??? Oh well, I'll continue to watch but will have to remember this first season took place over two years ago. Why does Canada always get shows after the fact?

    Movies. Maureen and I had two movie dates two weeks in a row. First we watched Crazy, Stupid, Love and the next week, Friends with Benefits. Out of the two, Crazy, Stupid, Love was my favorite. This movie had a interesting storyline, a great cast and had sexy Ryan Gosling with his "melt my heart" voice, dapper clothing and one amazing shirtless scene. The movie comes together in a way that will shock you, it will make you laugh and make you cry. So what's not to love about this movie. If you haven't seen it, I would go...soon!

    As for Friends with Benefits, although I love both Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and think they are sexy beyond belief, I find the movie was just an excuse to put two hot bodies together in compromising positions. The storyline and ending of the movie was way too predictable but I did love the way JT's character looked at Mila's character (you know that look guys get when they are into someone?). I would just wait for this movie to come out on DVD. Speaking of JT, I can't wait to see him in this movie, In Time. First action flick for him. If he does well in this, then he might just be an all around actor. I really liked him in Alpha Dog and The Social Network.

    More nail shatter. Here I go again with another photo of my nails. This one is OPI Overexposed in South Beach with Sephora by OPI Blasted Gold on top.

    Teen Wolf. I'm not gonna lie, when I heard that Lauren Conrad might be dating some guy named Colton Haynes (photo) who is on Teen Wolf, it peaked my interest. And then while Mike and I were watching Maid in Manhattan, Mike asked, "I wonder what this kid is doing now?" - you know the kid, Ty, who plays Jennifer Lopez's son - and lo and behold, he is the main character in Teen Wolf. So, I spent today watching a marathon of the show. How is it? It's kinda cheesy but it made my day go by fast. I have three more episodes to watch and then I will be caught up. But watching it all in a row, it made me feel like I was watching a VERY long I Know What You Did Last Summer type of movie. Glad I am taking a break.

    The Help. I have heard about the book, The Help and seen the trailer many times so it only seems fitting that I read the book before I watch the movie. I am only about 50 something pages in and I already like it. If I watch this movie soon, I would have watched three Emma Stone movies in a row.

    Jewelry display. I have been searching for ways to store my jewelry and I am about 50% done. I found a jewelry tree to hang my necklaces and some bracelets but I need another container to hold the rest of my bracelets. As for my watch and rings, I found these cute display trays at Winners. As you can see they are stackable. Now if I can find the deep trays, that will solve my bracelet issue.

    Now that I have come to the end of this post, I guess I didn't really have blogger's block today. I wrote quite a lot. Let's just hope I can find something else to write about for the next couple of days. I'm off to a pool party tomorrow, then a sleepover and then BlushPretty's Beauty Board on Sunday.

    Have a fabulous weekend lovelies. Hope your weekend is as fun-filled as mine!

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    10 Day You Challenge - 8 fears

    1. Cats. I am terrified, or I should say scared to DEATH of cats. This would be my #1 fear. Most of my friends tease me that they will one day lock me in a room full of cats to get over my fear. If they did this, I think I would seriously die from a panic or heart attack. Let's put it this way, I can't even watch a cat food commercial and if I do, I might have nightmares about them.
    2. Horror movies. There are some that I can watch, like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer but any movies that have to do with vampires (except Twilight), creepy children or religion scare the living daylight out of me. I will have nightmares after. For example, after watching The Lost Boys on Halloween, I woke up the entire house (I was sleeping at my in-laws' house) with my screaming in the middle of the night. It was embarrassing. Also after watching Daybreakers, I had serious nightmares. See, I don't do well with actual vampire movies (Twilight has nice, civilized vampires).
    3. Heights. No rollercoasters or ziplining for me.
    4. Dark. I can't fall asleep in pitch black. I have to have some type of light on, even if it's the TV. I even hate it when Mike turns off the lights before leaving and I am still in the condo.
    5. Knives. They freak me out. I am so scared of cutting myself. Small knives I can use but not those big ones. I will using a paring knife or scissors to cut food.
    6. Bridges. My knees buckle, especially when I have to go over one suspended in air or water.
    7. Public speaking. I'm shy and I hate people looking at me. I will avoid at all costs to not have to speak in front of people.
    8. Animals. They just all freak me out!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Baked by Melissa

    I have never been to New York, it is on my list of places to visit but I just don't know when I will get to go. Baked by Melissa is one of the must-see on my list if I ever make it to The Big Apple. Luckily, my co-worker brought me back 1/2 dozen of these mini cupcakes. How sweet of her!

    These little cupcakes are filled with goodness and are about the size of a quarter, crazy huh? I pretty much got to try the flavours that I wanted but the one that I need to go back to try is Mint Chocolate Chip.

    Firecracker. The flavor of the month for July. I believe it's a vanilla cake with a chocolate on top that has Pop Rocks. When I bit into it, there was all this popping going on. I had no idea what it was until my coworker said it was the Pop Rocks in the chocolate, hence the name, Firecracker. Great name and great cupcake!

    Cookies & Cream. Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Icing

    Peanut Butter & Jelly. Yellow Cake, Grape Jelly, Peanut Butter Icing

    Tie-Dye. Vanilla Cake, Vanilla Icing

    Cinnamon. Yellow Cake, Cinnamon Filling, Vanilla Icing, Cinnamon Sugar Topping

    Peanut Butter Cup. Yellow Cake, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Icing

    Make sure to check out all the other flavours. If you stop by there while you are in NYC, please bring me back a dozen or 25 of them. Please and thank you.

    What flavour would you want to try?