Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Memories: vacation friends

I vacation a lot. It may be to the beach every single time but I (at least) go away twice a year plus I'll throw in one city vacation. Along all my travels, I have met some wonderful people - ones who make me laugh, ones who I can have a good time with, ones that are even too hot to look at - and with most of these people, it's either just a vacation friend or someone who you will remain friends with forever.

Pat & Danny. I met this amazing, fun couple on my first vacation with Mike to Punta Cana back in 2003. Pat and Danny were on their two week honeymoon. We thought they were snobs at first, seeing them in the airport lineup but after Pat and Mike smoked by the bus, we instantly became friends. We spent every waking moment together at the resort and now to this day, we still see them once a year. This is an example of how you can remain friends with people you met on vacation.

Wes & Tina. When we went to Cuba in 2009, we noticed this couple in the Toronto airport and then we saw them on our same bus going to the resort. We spoke to them briefly while we were filling out our registration forms. Let me tell you that they are one hot-looking couple! The next day, I scolded them for not attending the briefing with our tour rep. Mike said that I was mean and they probably wouldn't speak to us for the rest of the trip. Well, later that day, we saw them walk by us on the beach and Wes said that this end of the beach was much better than where they were sitting and asked if we didn't mind if they could sit with us. We agreed and when they came back, they brought us a mojito and strawberry daiquiri. Mike and I knew that we would hit it off with them since they ordered our kind of drinks without even asking. Mike's best friend and his girlfriend came to surprise us the next day and from then on, the six of us were inseparable. A couple of months later, Mike and I booked a trip to Vancouver to see Wes and Tina, only to have them break up a month before we would arrive. It's too bad they aren't still together but life moves on. I still text with Tina every so often.

Michelle & Carl. These two are radio personalities in Toronto. We met them in Mexico in 2007. They actually recruited Mike at the dinner buffet one night to play volleyball during the day. It was good that we met them because Carl would also go snorkeling with Mike and Michelle took care of me when I got a bad case of heat rash. We also played Yahtzee with them one night while drinking champagne.

Ron & Brenda.  We met this couple while staying at Grand Sirenis in 2007. They told us all about their life experiences, what they have been through and how they love to travel. We had coffee with them a couple of nights and they were always such a pleasure to talk with. Unfortunately, we didn't get their contact information. My hubby and I actually like talking to older couples. They provide us with a different outlook on life and plus we learn a lot from them.

Andre and his friends from Toronto and also Brian from O.C. I met these guys in Vegas and it was great to party with them. They weren't sleaze bags, they were just guys wanting to party. They bought us drinks and were just polite, fun guys.

Andru & Eva, Rachel & Devon and Kat & Ryan. My hubby and I met this gang on our last vacation in June to Punta Cana. We met them on their second last day. Although we had seen them around the resort, we never had the opportunity to talk to them. We should of because we had such a great time with them at dinner and our impromptu beach party. 4 of the 6 live in my city, so who knows, I may just run into them.


See, when you meet people while you are away, there's a chance that you won't speak again because the one thing you have in common is vacation/party mode. It's rare that you will find people you have so much in common with; enough to become closer friends when you get home. I treasure the short-lived friendships I make on vacation and even though I don't speak to them, it would be pretty funny to run into them at some point in my life.

Do you like to meet people when you are on vacation? Have you kept in touch with anyone you met?


Lin said...

You're so freakin' friendly, I love it! I have never, NEVER, made friends with people on vacations. That's sort of sad. I guess I need to put myself out there more often :)

Anonymous said...

the only people we talked to on vacation was when we went to turks but that's only because we were forced to (kayla made friends with their kids) but they ended up being really really nice.

other than that, we mostly keep to ourselves and ignore everyone! we're so anti-social.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love meeting people on vacation but have never remained friends with them. That's awesome that you keep in touch!

It just seems like everyone is so happy to be away from work and reality that they are friendly lol.

inHERshoes said...

i love meeting people when i go on vacation. if i like them of course, i chat away. if i don't, i try to invent something, like seriously, try to be somebody else. i'm notorious doing this! LOL anyway - when i was in costa rica, i met a couple of girls from L.A., so obviously we became friends instantly. i love all the photos you have here, especially with the older couple. definitely a different insight because of their experiences.

Marz said...

OMG Leesh, I'm the same exact way!!! I love meeting new people and I always try and keep in contact with them :) Some people I've kept in more contact with, some vaguely just through facebook etc. I think that's so neat though that you & Mike still keep in touch with Pat & Danny and that you see each other once a year :) And what are the odds that some of the gang you met in June in Punta Cana live in your city? Your friendly personality is one thing I love so much about you. I can't wait for the day you and I will finally get to meet :)

miQ said...

Ummmmm I met the people first because you were too stoosh to talk to them