Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rooting for a football team

After reading some recent posts from Chick 101 - Football for Girls, I decided I need to find a team to follow. I could choose a team that fellow bloggers are a fan of, or choose one that Mr. Dee or SFT or my cousin likes. I could root for the Jets who is a favorite of my father-in-law and brother-in-law but what fun would that be at their house if we are all cheering for the same team? I could also use this guide to help me decide:

Click to enlarge {via}

So, the reason I have to pick a team to root for soon is because my mom is going to pick me up a t-shirt (the jersey is too much $$) from Victoria Secrets (so what, I think their stuff is cute) of the team of my choice. BUT I have to tell her by Friday. Oh the pressure!!! So readers, help me decide. What team should I root for?

This collage has a few of the shirts/jerseys I like. Mr. Dee and SFT's team is included in the collage, along with my cousin's team and two other teams that fellow bloggers are fans of. The others, well, I just like them because of the colour combos (such a chick thing to say).

Who is your favorite team and why do you like them?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Not a football girl. Give me baseball ANY DAY.

Pinkie said...

Since I don't follow football, I would choose the team with the nice jersey or t-shirt. I would not know how good or bad the teams are.

Lin said...

I have to agree wtih Krysten, I'm a baseball girl.

The hubs used to watch football before we got married but since I control the remote control it's been a baseball house since then, haha. Poor fella.

Anonymous said...

Is this the reason your Mom and I are going to VS on Friday?!

The football jerseys are cute, but I think if you're going to be a serious gamer, you should get the official team jersey.


cranberryportage said...

Since I will be one purchasing the T-shirt, you might have to give me a number 1,2,3 picks because sometimes the colors looks great on photos but not in actual shirt. But maybe we can find one with your favorite number.