Wednesday, September 21, 2011

blog and twitter friends

I recently read a post about blog friends over at the little things we do. I have been wanting to write about this topic for a while. What pushed me to write it was a conversation I had last Friday with an old friend/new friend.

Let's call this old friend/new friend, N. I call her an old friend because I have known her for maybe 10 years now but I also call her a new friend because of Twitter. We got reacquainted through Twitter and now we know what is going on each other's lives without having to call or email one another. We went to a bar for happy hour two Fridays ago and since we were the first to arrive, we got to catch up. We also got into a discussion how Twitter is awesome because it connects you to people you don't see on the regular and now suddenly get to see them regularly. It's a quick way to communicate and even make plans, and because of this, I got to see her twice in the span of one week. I also said to her that I feel like I am starting to find it difficult to connect with people who are not on Twitter. It's almost like, I want everyone to join. I honestly think people are intimidated by this social media tool because 1) they don't know how to use it and 2) they really don't see the benefits of it. I love Twitter for many reason but I'll save that for another day, another post. So now that I have connected with N again, I foresee many more drunken nights.

@mo_par, @ness3, @vodka_and_soda and me (missing: @SRowena)

Okay, with that story out of the way, I am going to go on to blogging and then I will talk about Twitter more.


I know not everyone has the time to blog. It's time consuming, heck, it's like another full time job. But if only people knew how many wonderful bloggers they would come across, maybe more people would blog. There are blogs that have a certain niche. Then there are others that blog about anything and everything (I fall into this category) but yet, there are people out there who find me somewhat interesting and continue to come back to read about what I have to say. I have loyal followers and also random commenters.

There are bloggers who are your real life friends and suddenly decide to blog and then you have bloggers that you follow, who you end up meeting and can now call them real life friends. I have had the pleasure of meeting two bloggers in Vegas, inHERshoes and FurElisse and because of this first blogger meet up, I am looking forward to plenty more in my near future.
If I did not mention you but we have emailed and commented a few times, it's not that I don't want to meet you. I do certainly do but trust me when I was that my meet up list could go on forever.


To my surprise, my sister-in-law suddenly joined Twitter and I would like to say that she's pretty addicted. She even bought the same app that Mike and I use. I asked her what made her join since we have been telling her about it for a couple years now and she said, "One night I just wanted to check it out". Meanwhile, her husband tried Twitter and just realized it wasn't for him. At least he didn't knock it before trying it. That's what bugs me about most people, they don't want to try it before making a solid decision about it.  This social media tool is a great way to communicate with companies. My favorite tea company, David's Tea, is very hands-on with Twitter. Whenever I mention them with a question, they reply. With some companies you get great customer service, almost better service than if you were to call on the phone to complain. This is one of the reason why I like Twitter but I also like that it's a place where I can communicate with old friends or acquaintances I don't see often. I know what some of my friends are doing on the daily and I know what's going on in their lives. Sure, we may have lost the personal communication but with everyone's busy lives, at least we are still keeping in touch - just on a different level.

Now because of Twitter, years would probably go by before I would see N again. I use to hear about her every now and then because of mutual friends but now I feel like we have re-connected. If I were on Facebook, would we have started to hanging out again? I'm not quite sure and I will never find out (because I'll never join). But N claims that Facebook doesn't bring people together like Twitter. I'll just take her word for it.


Kathy said...

yeah, facebook kinda blows. at first it was fun but now it's too much.... there's just too much information on that thing and with all those privacy issues/breaches, it's just too much to maintain.

twitter is precise and to-the-point which is the beauty of 140 max characters. i only use fb to pimp out my blog and maybe see what's going on with cousins who don't live near me but that's about it.

and you're right - blogging has allowed me to "meet" so many great people!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Totally agree with you! Heck, we would have never met if it weren't for twitter! And that's how I "met" our mutal friend S too!

I prefer twitter to facebook because it's like real time quick conversations. I usually only check facebook one a day if even and that's really just to catch up with people that aren't on twitter! But even then, I don't find it a great means of communication.

Some may say it's sad that we can't just pick up the phone anymore but honestly, who had the time to sit down for a 2 hour conversation? Most of my friends have their own families now and to pick up the phone and hope that the other person also has the time to talk is kind of unrealistic. I love that with twitter there's no need to apologize for not answering back right away but the conversation can continue to go back and forth without too much effort.

And I agree about blogging and "meeting" new people. I have never connected with so many ladies that I feel like I have known for years. I think it's just a new type of friendship that many who aren't bloggers or on twitter will never really understand.

Lin said...

I was such ubber shy person until I started blogging & tweeting ha ha. It's introduced me to some of the most fascinating people, I love it.

And next time you're in SoCal we'll definitely have to try to meet up. If anything all of us CA bloggers should make it a date to meet up with you on the same!

Nikolett said...

Gal, you made me smile so big! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you. There's quite a few bloggers I know who live in the GTA and it would be SO amazing to meet you. Definite coffee and Vampire Diaries, and shopping for nail polish or something haha :)

It is crazy how much technology connects us and reconnects old friendships and relationships; the only downfall I hate is when people just write "let's catch up sometime!" (especially on Facebook) but never mean it. But I do mean it - let's meet uppppp! In the winter or summer hehe :)

No Guts, No Glory said...

I have to disagree about FB not bringing people together. There have quite a few times that my friends have "checked in" to where they were (restaurant, event, city), from which I was able to meet up with them. As with any form of social media, one can discover mutual interests that can eventually lead to hangouts. I think that *lack of effort* is what fails to bring people together. Not that this is a bad thing... sometimes it's a conscious choice!

I forget, have you tried FB before?

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

AW!!! You are so sweet! I'd love to meet you as well! We NEED to make this happen. You, Claire and I will have a meetup one day.

I love how the blogosphere and twitter world can lead to real life relationships. I am so grateful to have good friends thanks to this community :)

inHERshoes said...

i agree with kat, first facebook was fun and it really was for social networking, now it's become a hang out for stupid people! LOL just kidding, they just have so much stuff going on there and it's too high maintenance. well, i have to thank you for twitter and encouraging me to use it especially when i was skeptical when i first signed up. i really like it, even though the past few days i haven't been on it as much as i would like to.

on blogging ... i'm fortunate to have met 5 more great friends due to our AS girls weekend (it's weird saying blogger meet up because it was really like seeing old friends from college). i may be lazy to comment at times, but i try to read blogs i follow when i can.

Kasey Lynne said...

Dang....maybe I need to jump on this twitter bandwagon just to be able to follow you and Reni. We'll see...

One day Leesh...we will meet and it will be SOOOO awesome!! I think you, Maureen, Reni and I should have a Vegas meet up...but that's just an idea :)

Elisse said...

When I first started meeting bloggers/tweeps it would appear to be awkward, but actually quite comfortable. Solo Lisa and Life's Fascinations are two people that I have had the fortune to connect with, and they are as sweet and fab as you think they are!

Micaela said...

better yet-- how about when you get to california and meet claire, me and marianne will fly out there and we'll have a SF girls trip :)